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Research interests

  • Social research within a statistical framework
  • Survey design and data collection methods
  • Ethics and privacy issues associated with conducting surveys
  • Analysis and reporting of survey data


After 20+ years of involvement with DPI research, providing expertise in the design and analysis of scientific trials across a variety of research areas including horticulture, plant pathology and insect ecology, Anne has responded to a growing demand for survey support in a social research setting. The aim has been to ensure that a broader DPI audience has access to robust survey design and analysis methodologies.

Anne is also able to draw upon her agricultural background to complement her consulting projects.

She is currently based at the Central Coast Primary Industries Centre, Ourimbah.


BSc.Agr (University of Sydney)

Recent publications

For a sample of her publications, see Anne’s ResearchGate profile

Professional associations

Member of the Statistical Society of Australia