Picture of Ash Fowler

Research interests

  • Fisheries harvest strategies
  • Recreational fishing and fisher motivations
  • Fisheries stock assessment
  • Movement, connectivity and population structure of fish
  • Effects of climate change on fish and fisheries
  • Artificial reefs


Ash Fowler is a Fisheries Scientist with NSW Department of Primary Industries – Fisheries based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. His current research focuses on the development of fisheries harvest strategies, including the integration of recreational fishing in shared fisheries. As part of the Fisheries Resource Assessment Unit, Ash also leads stock assessments for fished stocks in NSW and nationally, which inform the management of these fisheries. More broadly, Ash’s research centres on demographic processes of fished populations, including movement, connectivity, age and growth, and how these may be affected by climate change.

Following his honours studies into the distribution and taxonomy of tuna larvae at UNSW in 2004, Ash completed a PhD at UTS on the suitability of artificial reefs as fish habitat. He joined NSW DPI in 2014. Ash is also an Honorary Associate in the School of Life Sciences at UTS and an Honorary Fellow in the School of Life and Environmental Sciences at Deakin University.


  • PhD – University of Technology Sydney - 2012
  • BSc (hons) – University of New South Wales - 2004
  • BSc – University of Sydney - 2003

Current projects

  • NSW Fisheries Resource Assessment
  • Integrating recreational fishing into harvest strategies for multi-sector fisheries
  • Estimating the biomass of fish stocks using novel and efficient genetic techniques
  • Population structure of yellowfin bream, Acanthopagrus australis, along the NSW coast assessed using otolith microchemistry and shape

Recent publications

Please refer to Ash Fowler’s Google Scholar page.

Contact details


Phone: (02) 9435 4652