Fisheries Scientist

Research interests

  • Social-ecological research (e.g. perceptions, attitudes, values relating to the environment)
  • Cultural ecosystem services (i.e. non-material benefits obtained from natural areas, both terrestrial and aquatic) that contribute to human wellbeing
  • Survey design and analysis
  • Qualitative research and analysis (e.g. development of focus group discussion guides, and analysis of textual data)
  • Participatory values mapping


Dr Carol Martin is a Fisheries Social Scientist who joined NSW DPI in March 2019 primarily to work on the NSW Shark Management Strategy (SMS). She provides social research advice and is involved in the development, design and analysis of questionnaire survey instruments.

Carol draws upon her sustainable resource management background developed during her university studies, in particular, her doctorate in which she researched cultural ecosystem services obtained from estuarine ecosystems that contribute to human subjective wellbeing. She has always had an interest in understanding how different people value and relate to natural environments.


  • PhD (Sustainable Resource Management) – University of Newcastle, 2019
  • BSc (Hons) (Marine Science) – University of Newcastle, 2013
  • BSc (Sustainable Resource Management) – University of Newcastle, 2012

Current projects

State-wide community survey to assess community support and preferences for technologies trialled in the Shark Management Strategy to reduce the chance of shark-human interactions and increase protection of beachgoers (with minimal harm to sharks and other marine life). Findings will be used to:

  1. Contribute to the recommendations about shark mitigation in NSW
  2. Support NSW government’s decision making for the future of shark mitigation in NSW

Recent publications

Please refer to Carol Martin's Google Scholar page.

Contact details


Phone: 0438 976 344