CHICK, Rowan

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Research interests

  • Sustainable utilisation of living marine resources (primarily invertebrates)
  • Research and management outputs that support and improve outcomes for fisheries
  • Fishery harvest strategies
  • Fisheries stock assessment
  • Fisheries stock enhancement


Rowan Chick is a Senior Fisheries Scientist based at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute. He has over 20 years experience in fisheries research, with a primary interest in the role of research in supporting sustainable utilisation of living marine resources. Rowan re-joined the Department as a Fisheries Scientist in July 2014, having previously worked as a Senior Technician from 1994-2004. He leads the Fisheries Research Harvest Strategy Organisational Unit and is the designated Species Lead for a number of marine invertebrates, including Abalone, Beachworms and Cockles, and fishes, including Pink Ling and Blue-eye Trevalla. He has developed strong working relationships with scientists, managers and commercial and recreational fishing members and representatives within NSW and nationally, and works closely with stakeholders to provide informed, unbiased scientific advice and outputs to improve outcomes for fisheries.

From 2005 to 2014 Rowan worked as a Fisheries Scientist at the South Australian Research and Development Institute – Aquatic Sciences. He completed his PhD in 2010 (James Cook University) on ‘Stock enhancement of local populations of Blacklip abalone in New South Wales, Australia’.


  • Ph.D. – James Cook University
  • B.Sc.(Hons) – University of Sydney

Current projects

  • NSW Fisheries stock assessment (species lead)
  • Marine Estate Management Strategy - Sustainable fishing and aquaculture
  • NSW Fisheries Harvest Strategy development
  • Project Lead - Bait Security – building on a solid foundation
  • Project Co-Investigator - Integrating recreational fishing information into harvest strategies for multi-sector fisheries

Recent publications

Please refer to Rowan Chick’s ResearchGate page

Contact details


Phone: (02) 4982 3874