WALSH, Chris

Picture of Chris Walsh

Research interests

  • Freshwater and estuarine fish ecology
  • Fish passage/remediation and migration in relation to barriers and flow
  • Acoustic telemetry
  • Otolith microchemistry
  • Stable isotope analysis


Chris is a Research Scientist based at the Batemans Bay Fisheries Centre where he has led a variety of projects monitoring and mitigating the impacts of water regulation on fish populations. His work also includes research on threatened populations and the migratory history and spawning dynamics of many freshwater and estuarine fishes. Much of his science is interdisciplinary, using a suite of modern research techniques including acoustic telemetry, stable isotope analysis and otolith microchemistry.  Chris currently supervises a number of post graduate students at various universities.


  • PhD, University of Wollongong, 2012
  • MSc, University of Technology, Sydney, 2003
  • BSc, Macquarie University, 2004

Current projects

  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the Tallowa Dam Fishway
  • Aquatic environmental monitoring program for Orange pipeline
  • Research trial stocking of estuary perch fingerlings within Brogo Dam
  • Crucial research for the critically endangered Fitzroy Falls Spiny Crayfish

Recent publications

Walsh, C.T. and Gillanders, B. M. (2018). Extrinsic factors affecting otolith chemistry – implications for interpreting migration patterns in a diadromous fish. Environmental Biology of Fishes 101, 905-916.

Miles, N. G., Butler, G., Diamond, S., Bishop, D., van der, Meulen, D., Reinfelds, I.V. and Walsh, C. T. (2018). Combining otolith chemistry and telemetry to assess diadromous migration in pinkeye mullet, Trachystoma petardi (Actinopterygii, Mugiliformes) Hydrobiologia 808, 265-281.

Mazumder, D., Williams, R. J., Wen, L., Saintilan, L. and Walsh, C. T. (2016), Impoundment constraint of fish niche diversity in a temperate Australian river.  Hydrobiologia 771, 195-206.

Please refer to Chris Walsh's Google scholar page.

Contact details

Location: Batemans Bay
Phone: (02) 4478 9121
Mob: 0439130582
Email: chris.walsh@dpi.nsw.gov.au