BOYS, Craig

Craig Boys

Research expertise

  • Fish passage
  • ‘Fish friendly’ river infrastructure design – irrigation and hydropower.
  • Fish screens
  • Freshwater and estuarine fish ecology
  • Rehabilitation science
  • Acoustic telemetry of fish movements
  • Fish disease


Craig is a fish ecologist based at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute where he leads a variety of projects concerning the rehabilitation of both freshwater and estuarine ecosystems. Much of his science is interdisciplinary, merging fish biology, ecology and hydraulics in an attempt to improve the design and operation of river infrastructure for the protection of fish. Research projects have included understanding and mitigating the impacts of barotrauma and fluid shear on fish as they migrate downstream through irrigation and hydropower infrastructure. He has also worked extensively on developing design criteria for screens to prevent the entrainment of fish at irrigation diversions. Craig also coordinates a number of projects assessing the outcomes of river habitat restoration and improving the tidal flushing of estuarine wetlands. He is actively involved in international aid research, leading fish passage projects in the Mekong River Basin and participating in international efforts as a representative of the International Energy Agency Fish and Hydropower Annex. He supervises a number of post graduate students at various universities.


  • PhD in Applied Science, University of Canberra. (2007)
  • Hons in Bachelor of Science, Zoology major, University of NSW. (1998)


  • Determining the hydraulic tolerances of Australian fish passing irrigation and hydropower infrastructure in NSW.
  • Developing and evaluating fish screen criteria for irrigation diversions.
  • Developing ‘fish-friendly’ design criteria for the protection of downstream migrating fish at irrigation and mini-hydropower infrastructure in the Lower Mekong and Murray-Darling Basins.
  • Evaluating fish responses to river flows to inform water planning.

Recent publications

See Google Scholar and ResearchGate profiles for most up to date publications

Contact details

Location: Port Stephens Fisheries Institute
Phone: (02) 4916 3851