DOYLE, Faith

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Research interests

  • Use of general & generalised linear models as well as multivariate techniques on fisheries survey data to examine how spatial-temporal, environmental and management factors can influence recreational landings, harvest rates, effort and angler behaviour
  • Application of ecology research theory and statistical methodology to experimentally develop, assess and improve the efficiency of aquatic management tools
  • Design and analysis of experiments to examine mechanistic processes including predatory and competitive interactions, habitat associations and behavioural responses within aquatic ecosystems.


I have a background in quantitative marine and fisheries population ecology. My current research is focussed on the empirical assessment of recreational fisheries survey data to quantify changes in recreational landings, effort and angler attitudes. My recent work has also involved quantifying the relative ability of fishery-dependent and fishery-independent methods to accurately measure species relative abundance, diversity and size-composition.  I have worked extensively on the application of statistical models to commercial and recreational fisheries data in order to examine how environmental factors and management strategies (such as the introduction of partially protected areas) can influence (i) fishery exploitation; and (ii) population parameters such as the abundance, growth and mortality of marine taxa. My past research has also focused the application of ecological theory and experimental design to assess the efficiency of marine management tools such as stock enhancement and examine the impact of such tools on mechanistic processes such as predation & competition.


  • PhD (2011) – University of New South Wales – Fisheries Ecology (Thesis title: Ecological considerations for marine stock enhancement; a case study of Penaeus plebejus)
  • Honours Class 1 (2005) University of Sydney – Marine Ecology (Thesis title: Factors affecting the distribution and abundance of Bebicium auratus in urbanized mangrove forests)
  • BSc (2002) University of Western Australia, majors Marine Biology, Ecology & Statistics

Current projects

  • Empirical assessment of recreational fisheries using survey data
  • Assessing the relative ability of fishery-dependent and independent monitoring methods to accurately measure relative abundance, diversity and size-composition
  • Quantitative assessment of life-history and biological characteristics of key exploited species

Recent publications

Please refer to Faith Doyle’s ResearchGate page.

Contact details


Phone: (02) 6626 1112 or 0428 237 797