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Ehsan Tavakkoli

Research interests

  • Amelioration of subsoil constraints in cropping systems
  • Development of nano-structured soil amendments
  • Rhizosphere engineering to enhance sustainable crop productivity
  • Management of salt-affected soils
  • Innovation in plant nutrient and water use efficiency to reduce resource demands


Dr Tavakkoli is trained as an environmental soil scientist and crop physiologist. His research covers various aspects of soil-plant interactions, nanogeochemistry, contaminant risk assessment and soil-based constraints in farming systems. Dr Tavakkoli is responsible for the Soil Research laboratories in Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, where work in soil chemistry, physics and crop nutrition is undertaken. Before joining NSW DPI he worked at the University of Southern Queensland, University of South Australia and at the University of Adelaide (Waite Research Institute).

Dr Tavakkoli is developing his research in the field of soil chemistry and plant nutrition using novel and multidisciplinary approaches as a direct response to the need for fundamental and applied research about the interactions between soil-water-plant. Since most soils exhibit more than one limitation to plant growth, this subject is of considerable importance for two of the great challenges confronting humanity: how to sustainably support over 7 billion people (increasing to around 9 billion in 2050), and how to deal with global environmental change.

Dr Tavakkoli is also involved in the development of various approaches that employ synchrotron techniques in soils which allow highly spatially-resolved in situ analyses to be performed. He has close relationships with growers, advisers and grower groups across Australia and participated in numerous field days and GRDC updates in south-eastern Australia. He is an Adjunct Senior Lecturer at The University of Adelaide and Charles Sturt University and a visiting Research Fellow at CSIRO Land & Water.


  • B. Sci. Hons (Agriculture-Soil Science) – Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran. 2004
  • Master of Science in Agriculture (Crop Nutrition) – University of New England, Australia. 2007
  • PhD (Soil-Plant interactions) – The University of Adelaide. 2011

Current projects

    2021-2024:        Dispersive soil and soil structure: Novel amendments for improving soil structure. AUD $600,000. (partner: CRC High Performing Soils).

    2020-2023:        Integrated solutions for underperforming constrained soils: Accessing soil moisture.  AUD $600,000. (partner: CRC High Performing Soils).

    2020-2023:        Growing better crops on highly calcareous soils by improving establishment, early vigour and by ameliorating hostile subsoils. AUD $580,000 (partners: GRDC and CRC High Performing Soils).

    2019-2022:        3.3.002 Amelioration of subsoil constraints using innovative products and precision placement of soil amendments. AUD $600,000. (partner: CRC High Performing Soils).

    2019-2020:        Soil amelioration in irrigated cropping. AUD $330,000 (partner: GRDC).

    2016-2020:        Updated Nutrient Response Curves in the Northern and Southern Regions. AUD$ 1, 210,450 (partner: Grains Research and Development Corporation)

Recent publications

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Professional associations and activities

  • Adjunct Senior Research Fellow University of Adelaide, School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer School of Materials Science and Engineering, UNSW
  • Adjunct Senior Lecturer in Charles Sturt University (Graham Centre)
  • Australian Society of Soil Science

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Crop nutrition and nutrient cycling
  • Amelioration of subsoil constraints
  • Water use efficiency
  • Fertiliser management
  • Crop agronomy
  • Soil organic matter

Contact details

Phone: 02 6938 1992

Email: ehsan.tavakkoli@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Location: Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute, Pine Gully Road Wagga Wagga