XIMENES, Fabiano

Fabiano Ximenes

Research interests

  • Biomass / carbon in forests and wood products
  • Carbon accounting for forests and wood products
  • Bioenergy
  • Wood science
  • Decay of wood and paper products in landfills
  • Life cycle assessment of forests and wood products


Fabiano joined the NSW Government in 2000 and his projects over the years have focussed on the development and implementation of novel methods to more accurately estimate carbon in forest systems and in wood products, including the dynamics of decomposition of wood and paper products in landfills. This work and other projects have informed the development of national and international greenhouse inventories, and have been actively considered in the formulation of carbon policy. Fabiano was one of Lead Authors of the IPCC 2013 Revised Supplementary Methods and Good Practice Guidance Arising from the Kyoto Protocol (Harvested Wood Products chapter). More recently Fabiano’s work has focussed on biomass assessments and its potential use for bioenergy and other applications.


  • Bachelor of Forestry, 1997. University of Brasilia, Brazil
  • Masters in Wood Science – 2000. (Wood preservation); Australian National University
  • Doctor of Philosophy – 2000. (Carbon dynamics in wood and paper products in landfills); University of New England

Current and recently completed projects

Recent publications

2019: Turner, P., Ximenes, F., Penman, T., Law, B., Waters, C., Grant, T., Mo, M., Brock, P. Accounting for biodiversity in life cycle impact assessments of forestry and agricultural systems—the BioImpact metric. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11367-019-01627-5

2019: Kirschbaum, M.,Zeng, G., Ximenes, F., Giltrap, D., Zeldis, J.  Towards a more complete quantification of the global carbon cycle. Biogeosciences, 16, 831–846. https://doi.org/10.5194/bg-16-831-2019

2019: Ximenes, F., Bjordal, C., Kathuria, A., Barlaz, M., Cowie, A. Improving understanding of carbon storage in wood in landfills: evidence from reactor studies. Waste Management 85:341-350.

2018: Ximenes, F., Kathuria, A., Barlaz, M., Cowie, A. Carbon dynamics of paper, engineered wood products and bamboo in landfills: evidence from reactor studies. Carbon Balance and Management 13:27. https://doi.org/10.1186/s13021-018-0115-3.

2018: Collins, L.,Bradstock, R., Ximenes, F., Horsey, B., Sawyer, R., Penman, T. Aboveground forest carbon shows different responses to fire frequency in harvested and unharvested forests. Ecological Applications 1–12.

2018: Ximenes, F., Cowie, A., Barlaz, M. The decay of engineered wood products and paper excavated from landfills in Australia. Waste Management 74 (2018) 312–322.

2018: Ximenes, F.A., Kathuria, A., McLean, M., Coburn, R., Sargeant, D., Ryan, M., Williams, J., Boer, K., Mo, M. Carbon in mature native forests in Australia: the role of direct weighing in the derivation of allometric equations. Forests 9, 60; doi:10.3390/f9020060.

2018: Paul, K., Radtke, P.J., Roxburgh, S.H., Larmour, J., Waterworth, R., Butler, D., Brooksbank, K., Ximenes, F. Validation of allometric biomass models: How to have confidence in the application of existing models. Forest Ecology and Management 412: 70–79.

2017: Smith, H., Ximenes, F., O’Brien. New greenhouse gas abatement methodology: potential value to the plantation forestry sector. Australian Forestry, 80:5, 273-274, DOI: 10.1080/00049158.2017.1395160.

2017: Ximenes, F., Stephens, M., Brown, B., Law, B., McGuffog, T., Mylek, M., Schirmer, J., Sullivan, A. Mechanical fuel load reduction in Australia: a potential tool for bushfire mitigation. Australian Forestry Australian Forestry. DOI: 10.1080/00049158.2017.1311200.

2016: Cowie, A., Ximenes, F., Berndes, G., Brandão, M., Lamers, P., Marland, G. Reply to “Policy Institutions and Forest Carbon”. Nature Climate Change. Vol 6  September 2016, p. 805.

2015: Ximenes F, Björdal C, Cowie A, Barlaz M. (2015). The decay of wood in landfills in contrasting climates in Australia. Waste Manag; 2015 Jul; 41:101-10.

2015: Wang X, De la Cruz FB, Ximenes F, Barlaz MA. (2015). Decomposition and carbon storage of selected paper products in laboratory-scale landfills. Sci Total Environ; 2015 Nov 1; 532:70-9.

2015: Falster, D. et al. (2015). BAAD: a Biomass And Allometry Database for woody plants. Ecology, 96(5), 2015, p. 1445

2014: Ruter, S, Alfredsen, G, Ximenes, F, Ghendehou, S, Pingoud, K. and Tsunetsugu, Y. Section 2.8. Harvested Wood Products. IPCC 2014, 2013 Revised Supplementary Methods and Good Practice Guidance Arising from the Kyoto Protocol, Hiraishi, T., Krug, T., Tanabe, K., Srivastava, N., Baasansuren, J., Fukuda, M. and Troxler, T.G. (eds). Published: IPCC, Switzerland.

2013: Ximenes, F., Grant, T. Quantifying the greenhouse benefits of the use of wood products in two popular house designs in Sydney, Australia. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment.  May 2013, Volume 18, Issue 4, pp 891-908

2012: Ximenes, F., George, B, Cowie, A., Wiliams, J., Kelly, G.Greenhouse gas balance of native forests in New South Wales, Australia. Forests, 3, 653-683

Selected Scientific Reports

2018: Ximenes, F., Coburn, R., McLean, M., Samuel, J., Cameron, N., Law, B., Threllfall, C., Wright, K., Macintosh, S.North Coast Residues A project undertaken as part of the 2023 North Coast Forestry Project. https://www.dpi.nsw.gov.au/forestry/north-coast-residues-project

2016: Contributor to: Forestry for a low-carbon future Integrating forests and wood products in climate change strategies. FAO Forestry Paper 177, Rome, 2016: http://www.fao.org/publications/card/en/c/45619457-bbf1-4fda-964b-d24dcdefbadf/

2016: Ximenes, F., Bi, H., Cameron, N. and Roxburgh, S. (2015) C stocks and flows in native forests and harvested wood products in SE Australia. Report prepared for FWPA. http://www.fwpa.com.au/rd-and-e/resources/883-carbon-stocks-and-flows-in-native-forests-and-harvested-wood-products-in-se-australia.html

2014: Ximenes, F., Maclean, M., Sargeant, D., Blasi, M., Mo, M., Coburn, R.    Determining coarse woody debris and fine litter layer in key native forests in NSW and VIC. Report prepared for the Federal Department of Environment.

2012: Ximenes, F., Ramos, J., Bi, H., Cameron, N., Singh, B., Blasi, M. Determining Biomass in Residues Following Harvesting in Radiata Pine Forests in NSW. RIRDC Publication No. 11/177

Professional associations and activities

  • Member of Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society
  • Member of “Power and Heat” committee for Bioenergy Australia
  • Associate of the International Energy Agency Bioenergy Task 38:  “Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems”

Fields of research

  • 070502 Forestry Biomass and Bioproducts
  • 070504 Forestry Management and Environment
  • 050209 Natural Resource Management

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Carbon
  • Biomass
  • Forests
  • Bioenergy
  • Wood science
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Greenhouse gas accounting
  • Landfills

Contact details

Email: fabiano.ximenes@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Location: DPI Forestry - Parramatta