Gordon Regshauge

Research interests

  • Sheep and goat reproduction
  • Lamb survival
  • Heat stress
  • Nutritional disorders
  • Sheep production limitations


Gordon Refshauge is a Research Officer in the field of Maternal Efficiency and is based at Cowra Agricultural Research and Advisory Station. He joined NSW DPI in 2008 as a site scientist managing the Sheep CRC2 resource flock, the Information Nucleus Flock (INF).

Gordon's recent studies include examining heat stress on ewe body temperature and pregnancy rate; post-conception feed intake on pregnancy rate; anti-hormone vaccination to improve ewe fertility and fecundity; cause of death in newborn lambs; mineral health of twin bearing ewes grazing cereal crops, mineral health of twin bearing ewes grazing pastures and the National lambing density study.

Gordon has partnered in research with levy-fund providers and collaborators including AWI, MLA, Murdoch University, University of Sydney, Charles Sturt University and Sheep CRC2.

Watch Gordon's video How to check ewes for wet and dry udders on YouTube.


  • B.AppSc. (Agric) (Hons1) – Charles Sturt University 1999
  • PhD Rural science– University of New England 2012

Current projects

  • Reducing Kid Loss – Select and Protect – Phase 1
  • Novel dual purpose perennial cereals for grazing
  • Boosting lamb survival by supplementing ewes with vitamins and minerals
  • Managing fecund flocks to improve survival of triplets dams and their lambs
  • Objective measurement of body condition score

Recent publications

Bird-Gardiner, T. L., Brown, D. J., Smith, J. L., Mortimer, S. I. & Refshauge, G. (2014). Breech strike indicator traits for Merino sheep in non-seasonal rainfall environments. In 10th World Conference on Genetics Applied to Livestock Production.

Clayton, E. H., Lamb, T. A., Refshauge, G., Kerr, M. J., Bailes, K. L., Ponnampalam, E. N., Friend, M. A. & Hopkins, D. L. (2014). Differential response to an algae supplement high in DHA mediated by maternal periconceptional diet: intergenerational effects of n-6 fatty acids. Lipids 49: 767-775.

Clayton, E. H., Wilkins, J. F., Refshauge, G. & Friend, M. A. (2015). Lower Concentration of n-3 in the Red Blood Cells and Plasma of Lambs when their Dams were Fed a Diet High Compared with Low in n-6 Fatty Acids at Joining. Lipids 50(9): 883-893.

Gardner, G. E., Williams, A., Ball, A. J., Jacob, R. H., Refshauge, G., Hocking Edwards, J., Behrendt, R. & Pethick, D. W. (2015). Carcase weight and dressing percentage are increased using Australian Sheep Breeding Values for increased weight and muscling and reduced fat depth. Meat science 99: 89-98.

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Hatcher, S., Curran, G., White, A., Casey, A. & Refshauge, G. (2013). Sheep udder assessment at lamb marking. 1-6: NSW Department of Primary Industries Primefact 1289.

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Holland, J., Hayes, R. C., Poile, G. J., Newell, M. T., Conyers, M. K., Oates, A. A., Orchard, B. A., van der Rijt, V. & Refshauge, G. (2016a). Greater potassium rate increases the biomass of grazing crops, but what about the effects on feed quality? In Proceedings of the Livestock Productivity from Pastures Symposium. Australian Grasslands Association Research Series No. 3, 28-31 (Ed C. Harris.). Armidale, NSW: NSW (Australian Grassland Association).

Holland, J., Hayes, R. C., Refshauge, G., Newell, M., Poile, G., van der Rijt, V. & Conyers, M. (2016b). Potassium response of dual purpose crops and implications for mineral:feed quality relations. In Proceedings of the European Society of Agronomy Conference, 5-6 Edinburgh, Scotland.

Holland, J. E., Hayes, R. C., Refshauge, G., Poile, G. J., Newell, M. T. & Conyers, M. K. (2018). Biomass, feed quality, mineral concentration and grain yield responses to potassium fertiliser of dual-purpose crops. New Zealand Journal of Agricultural Research: 1-19.

Hopkins, D. L., Clayton, E. H., Lamb, T. A., van de Ven, R. J., Refshauge, G., Kerr, M. J., Bailes, K., Lewandowski, P. & Ponnampalam, E. N. (2014). The impact of supplementing lambs with algae on growth, meat traits and oxidative status. Meat science 98(2): 135-141.

Masters, D. G., Hancock, S., Refshauge, G., Robertson, S., Bhanugopan, M., Friend, M. & Thompson, A. N. (2017). Mineral status of reproducing ewes grazing vegetative cereal crops. Animal Production Science: -.

Masters, D. G., Hancock, S., Refshauge, G., Robertson, S. M., Bhanugopan, M. S., Friend, M. A. & Thompson, A. N. (2018). Mineral supplements improve the calcium status of pregnant ewes grazing vegetative cereals. Animal Production Science Online.

Mortimer, S. I., Hatcher, S., Fogarty, N. M., van der Werf, J. H. J., Brown, D. J., Swan, A. A., Greeff, J. C., Refshauge, G., Edwards, J. E. H. & Gaunt, G. M. (2017). Genetic parameters for wool traits, live weight, and ultrasound carcass traits in Merino sheep. Journal of Animal Science.

Refshauge, G. (2013). Hot ewes equals fewer lambs. In Western Division Newsletter, 1-2: Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services.

Refshauge, G. (2015). Checking ewes' udders helps increase reproduction rates. In Farming Ahead, Vol. 285, 74-75: Kondinin Group.

Refshauge, G. (2016). Grazing cereals with demanding sheep – animal growth, health and welfare. In Lambex 2016 Conference proceedings, 69-75 Albury, NSW.

Refshauge, G., Brien, F. D., Hinch, G. N. & van de Ven, R. (2016). Neonatal lamb mortality: factors associated with the death of Australian lambs. Animal Production Science 56: 726-735.

Refshauge, G. & Shands, C. G. (2013).Managing Scanned Ewes – Sheep CRC Workshop Series. In Sheep Production Seminar, 14-20 (Eds G. Refshauge and D. L. Hopkins). Cowra Agricultural Research and Advisory Station: Australian Society of Animal Production Southern Branch.

Professional associations and activities

  • Australian Society of Animal Production

Fields of research

  • 070206 Animal Reproduction
  • 070204 Animal Nutrition
  • 070203 Animal Management
  • 070299 Animal Production not elsewhere classified
  • 070202 Animal Growth and Development

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Sheep reproduction
  • Goat reproduction
  • Lamb survival
  • Sheep meat
  • Ewe health

Contact details

Cowra Agricultural Research Station
Binni Creek Road
Cowra NSW 2794