Guy Ballard

Research interests

  • Managing predators: dingoes and other wild dogs, foxes, feral cats and quolls
  • Predator interactions
  • Spatial ecology / wildlife telemetry
  • Camera trapping
  • Live trapping, including foothold and cage trapping
  • Human dimensions of wildlife management


Since 2007, I have been member of the Vertebrate Pest Research Unit, working on large-scale predator research, management and monitoring projects across Australia. I am a field ecologist who specialises in working with wildlife and people to achieve practical outcomes from science-based wildlife management programs. I take a ‘hands-on’ approach to research, preferring to work in the field whenever possible. I supervise a range of higher degree research students at the University of New England.


  • Master of Environmental Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy, New England

Current projects

  • Developing effective management strategies for feral cats
  • Assessing the safety and efficacy of Doggone baits for wild dog control
  • Preparing for the RESET project
  • Quantifying relationships between predators, prey and plants
  • Monitoring Spotted-tailed quolls
  • Spatial ecology of brush-tailed rock wallabies

Recent publications

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2018 - Morgan, H. R., G. Ballard, P. J. S. Fleming, N. Reid, R. van der Ven and K. Vernes, "Estimating macropod grazing density and defining activity patterns using camera trap image analysis." Wildlife Research 45: 706-717.

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2017 - Sparkes, J., G. Ballard, P. Fleming and W. Brown, "Social, conservation and economic implications of rabies in Australia." Australian Zoologist38(3): 457-463.

Professional associations and activities

  • Australasian Wildlife Management Society
  • The Australian Mammal Society
  • Royal Zoological Society of NSW
  • The Wildlife Society
  • Australian Human Dimensions Researchers Network

Fields of research

  • 050103 Invasive Species Ecology
  • 050206 Environmental Monitoring
  • 050211 Wildlife and Habitat Management
  • 060207 Population Ecology
  • 070101 Agricultural Land Management

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Predator ecology
  • Predator management
  • Vertebrate pests
  • Monitoring techniques
  • Wildlife management

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