UDDIN, Jasim

Jasim Uddin

Research interests

  • Crop water balance hydrology
  • Soil-water-plant-atmosphere interaction dynamics
  • Climate change and crop water use
  • Digital techniques in agricultural water management


Dr Jasim Uddin joined the NSW Department of Primary Industries Water & Irrigation research team in June 2018. He is working as a Research and Development Officer at Trangie Agricultural Research Centre. Previously, Jasim worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) after completing his PhD at USQ.

Jasim has extensive experience in irrigation and water productivity research. He has worked on range areas including crop water balance hydrology, smart automation of surface irrigation, irrigation system monitor, evaluation and optimisation using cutting edge technologies.

Jasim’s current research is focused on increasing crop water productivity and sustainable use of water in agriculture. He is currently leading crop water use efficiency research in central west NSW in collaboration with NSW DPI’s other research units. He is involved in cotton water productivity benchmarking research. Jasim is also working in climate vulnerably assessment of crops and their adoption in collaboration with DPI’s climate unit.


  • PhD in Irrigation and Water Management (USQ)
  • MSc in Irrigation and Water Management (BAU)
  • BSc in Agricultural Engineering (BAU)

Current projects

  • Livestock productivity partnership – tropical pasture water use and production in Central West NSW
  • Benchmarking water productivity in cotton
  • Evaluation of water use efficiency in lateral movers
  • Climate vulnerability assessment

Recent publications  

Google Scholar

Professional associations and activities

  • Engineers Australia
  • Association of Australian Cotton Scientists
  • Researchers in Agriculture for International Development (RAID)

Contact details

Phone: 02 6799 2409
Email: jasim.uddin@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Location: Trangie Agricultural Research Centre