John Stewart

Research interests

  • Fish & crustacean biology
  • Species Stock Status assessments
  • Fishing gear selectivity
  • Barotrauma in fish
  • Using otoliths to estimate fish age and stock structure


John Stewart is a Principal Research Scientist based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. He leads the Department’s wild fisheries stock status program through the national Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS) initiative. John also leads the Department’s major fish ageing and biology laboratory, as well as several monitoring and data collection programs including the Commercial Fisheries Port Monitoring Project. John’s team is responsible for the provision of high quality data for the purpose of stock assessments to support quota allocation and stock status determinations.

John completed his PhD in 1999 (University of Sydney) on the biology of Balmain Bugs.  He joined the Department in 1990 and has worked on a variety of exploited crustacean and finfish fisheries since then.


  • PhD – University of Sydney 1999
  • BSc – University of Sydney 1989

Current projects

  • Status of Australian Fish Stocks (SAFS) 2020
  • NSW Commercial Fisheries Port Monitoring Program
  • Fisheries genomics of snapper in Australia and New Zealand Waters
  • Stock assessment of the east coast Tailor stock
  • An updated understanding of Eastern School Whiting stock structure and improved stock assessment for cross-jurisdictional management
  • Population biology and habitat use of hairtail in NSW waters

Recent publications

Please refer to John Stewart’s ResearchGate page

Professional associations and achievements

  • Australian Society of Fish Biology

Contact details


Phone: (02) 9435 4668