HUGHES, Julian

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Research interests

  • Recreational fisheries assessment and monitoring
  • Fish biology
  • Stock assessment
  • Post-release mortality
  • Trophic ecology
  • On-board observer programs


Julian Hughes is a Senior Research Scientist in the Fisheries Resource Assessment unit based at the Sydney Institute of Marine Science. He currently manages the biological monitoring component of the Recreational Fisheries Monitoring Program (RFMP). The RFMP is a comprehensive citizen science program that engages with thousands of recreational fishers who voluntarily provide information on their fishing activities within a rigorous survey framework. The aim is to deliver high quality, up-to-date information on recreational and charter fishing in NSW. Information collected by the RFMP contributes to the ongoing sustainable management of NSW’s shared fisheries.  As a member of the Fisheries Resource Assessment unit, Julian is also responsible for carrying out the regular stock assessment of several economically important fish species, including yellowtail kingfish and mulloway. Julian's other research interests include the effects of barotrauma on fish, connectivity and population structure of fish stocks, fisheries biology, trophic ecology and survey design. Julian supervises a number of post-graduate students.

Julian joined the Department in 2003. He completed a Ph.D. – "The Biology and Population Structure of Eastern Australian Salmon (Arripis trutta) in South-eastern Australia" at the University of NSW in 2012.


  • PhD – University of New South Wales 2012
  • BSc (Hons) – University of Sydney 1996

Current projects

  • The Recreational Fisheries Monitoring Program: comprehensive assessment of recreational and charter fishing in NSW
  • Stock assessment of key species exploited by commercial and recreational fisheries in NSW
  • Estimating the biomass of fish stocks using novel and efficient genetic techniques
  • Strategic Planning Workshop for Yellowtail Kingfish Stock Assessment in South-Eastern Australia

Recent publications

Please refer to Julian Hughes' Google Scholar page.

Professional associations

  • Australian Society for Fish Biology
  • Australian Marine Sciences Association

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Phone: (02) 9435 4671