Kim Broadfoot

Research interests

  • Investigating the biophysical and economic impact of, and adaptation to, a changing climate for mixed farming systems in NSW.
  • Adoption of research to develop productive agricultural production systems
  • Combining research and biophysical modelling to provide landholders with a range feasible management options
  • Providing information to the community to raise awareness of natural resource management research


Kim has worked within the agricultural and natural resource sectors for over 18 years. Kim is currently part of a team that has recently completed a project looking at the impacts of climate change, and potential adaptation options, for mixed farms systems in southern NSW, using a range of key economic, production and natural resource indicators to understand system performance under future climates. Kim has also spent time on soil carbon research and pasture production systems in New South Wales, along with spending time in Victoria undertaking research on soil salinity and spatially mapping the extent of soil salinity across key irrigation areas of Victoria, and also in Queensland undertaking research on water use efficiency in cotton in the Border Rivers region.


  • BSc (Environmental Science) Griffith University

Current projects

  • NSW DPI Enhanced Drought Information System (EDIS)
  • NSW transect component of the DAFF funded ‘Evaluating transformative adaptation options for Australian extensive farming
  • Biophysical modelling of future climate on mixed farms in the Riverina, Murray and Western Local Land Services regions

Recent publications

Badgery W, G Millar, K Broadfoot, D Michalk, P Cranney, D Mitchell, van de Ven R 2016. Increased production and cover in a variable native pasture managed with intensive grazing management. Animal Production Sciences (in press)

Badgery W, D MitchellG, Millar, K Broadfoot, D Michalk, P Cranney, W Brown 2016. Designing a grazing systems experiment for variable native pastures and flexible lamb production systems. Animal Production Sciences (in press)

Badgery W, G Millar, D Michalk, P Cranney, K Broadfoot 2016. The intensity of grazing management influences lamb production from native grasslands. Animal Production Sciences (in press)

Broadfoot K, W Badgery, G Millar 2016. Post experimental modelling of grazing systems to improve profit and environmental outcomes using AusFarm. Animal Production Sciences (in press)

Mitchell D, W Badgery, P Cranney, K Broadfoot, S Priest, D Pickering 2016. In a native pasture, landscape properties influence soil moisture more than grazing management. Animal Production Sciences (in press)

Michalk D, G Millar, W Badgery, K Broadfoot (eds) 2013. Proceedings 22nd International Grasslands Congress, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Orange.

Professional associations and activities

  • N/A

Fields of research

  • 040104 Climate Change Processes
  • 070103 Agricultural Production Systems Simulation
  • 070105 Agricultural Systems Analysis and Modelling

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Climate change
  • Climate modelling
  • Mixed farming systems
  • Biophysical modelling

Contact details

Location: Orange Agricultural Institute