Research interests

  • Soil
  • Water
  • Climate research


Kulan has 10 years experience in a range of scientific fields. He has worked in both field and laboratory operations including those in soil, water and climate research, entomology, parasitology, serology, microbiology and plant pathology.

He recently was part of the Dairy Australia and Dairy NSW funded Coastal NSW Dairy Catchments project, the aim of which was to understand where in dairy farming systems were the greatest opportunities to reduce nutrient losses via surface runoff. Kulan was responsible for operation and maintenance of field sites and equipment. Kulan was involved in coordinating site management with farmers.

He is currently responsible for the management of a field research trial funded by the Australian Government under the Carbon Farming Initiative. The trial is examining the effect of nitrogen fertiliser inhibitors and N rate on GHG emissions and nitrogen use efficiency.


  • Bachelor of Environmental Science (Land and Water)

Recent publications

  • N/A

Professional associations and activities

  • Australian Entomological Society
    NSW Entomological Society

Fields of research

  • 050304 Soil Chemistry
  • 050301 Carbon Sequestration Science
  • 050399 Soil Sciences not elsewhere classified
  • 050209 Natural Resource Management