Kurt Lindbeck


Dr Kurt Lindbeck is the Pulse and Oilseed Pathologist for southern NSW and is based at the Wagga Wagga Agricultural Institute.

His current research includes the development of disease management strategies for canola in southern NSW and northern Victoria with a focus on blackleg and sclerotinia stem rot.

Kurt also collaborates nationally to develop disease-prediction and decision-making tools for use by the grains industry, and leads the screening of field pea breeding lines for resistance to bacterial blight.

Kurt has worked in plant pathology since 1996 and during his career he has largely focused on the development of pulse varieties (including lupin, lentil and chickpea) with improved levels of disease resistance and the development of integrated disease management strategies for pulse and oilseed producers.

Kurt has previously worked with the Victorian Department of Environment and Primary Industries at Horsham, and was seconded to the Federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry in Canberra to review import conditions for pulse seed entering Australia.

Contact details

Phone: (02) 6938 1608