Luke Gaynor

Research interests

  • Soybean breeding & WUE
  • Soybean agronomy & double cropping research
  • Chickpea, Faba bean, Fieldpea and Lentils Agronomy
  • Conversation Farming strategies & farming systems research.


Luke Gaynor commenced working with the NSW Department of Agriculture* in 1999. He began working on the National Soybean breeding project based at Yanco. Luke is a practical minded researcher and has developed extensive skills in large multi-variate field trials, both dryland and irrigated.

He has conducted extensive breeding trials on irrigated soybeans and has released 3 soybean varieties for central/southern NSW and Northern Victoria. These varieties were developed and released to target the premium human consumption markets (both domestic and export). These varieties not only were of high end-use quality but also had significant increased yields (up to 20%) over all existing varieties. He currently has several new higher yielding lines in the pre-release stage.

Luke Gaynor has also conducted extensive agronomy research into soybeans and winter pulses (chickpeas, Faba beans, Fieldpeas and Lentils). This work has been focused on the effects if time of sowing, variety selection, plant population and row spacing. He also has conducted WUE trials and double cropping strategies work.

*NSW Department of Primary Industries was formed on July 1, 2004 through an amalgamation of NSW Agriculture, NSW Fisheries, State Forests of NSW and the NSW Department of Mineral Resources.


  • B.Sc. – University of Canberra 1998
  • M.Sc. Research Crop Science – James Cook University (Townsville) Expected completion 2011

Current projects

  • National Soybean Breeding project
  • New Varieties, New Agronomy - Pulse Agronomic Research, South-Eastern Australia
  • Expanding the use of pulses in the southern region
  • Better Oilseeds Project

Recent publications

Agronomic studies on irrigated soybean in southern New South Wales II. Broadening options for sowing date. LG Gaynor, RJ Lawn and AT James.

Agronomic studies on irrigated soybean in southern New South Wales I. Phenological adaptation of genotypes to sowing date. LG Gaynor, RJ Lawn and AT James.

Annual Pulse agronomy in southern NSW. Luke Gaynor, Eric Armstrong, Peter Matthews and Kurt Lindbeck, NSW Department of Primary Industries and Trevor Bray PBA

The effects of delayed planting of irrigated soybeans in south eastern Australia. Luke Gaynor, Andrew James and Robert Lawn. 8th World Soybean Research Conference 2009.

The Australian Soybean Improvement Project. Andrew T James, Natalie Y Moore, Ian A Rose, Luke Gaynor. 8th World Soybean Research Conference 2009.

Stem nodes – the central building blocks of growth, development and yield in field pea. EL Armstrong, PW Matthews, LG Gaynor and BC Armstrong.

Effects of plant density on the yield of field pea and faba bean varieties across southern and central NSW —preliminary findings. EL Armstong, PW Matthews, NA Fettell, DJ Holding, LG Gaynor, CJ Lisle and BR Cullis.

Irrigated soybean agronomy and variety improvements in southern NSW and northern Victoria. Luke Gaynor, Felicity Pritchard and Dale Grey.  NSW Department of Primary Industries, Irrigated Cropping Forum,  Vic. Department of Primary Industries.

Soybean variety and agronomy trials in Victoria and the Riverina. Luke Gaynor, NSW DPI Dale Grey, Vic. DPI, Felicity Pritchard, ICF.

Irrigated soybeans: Maximising yields and whole farm profitability. Luke Gaynor, NSW Department of Primary Industries, Wagga Wagga GRDC Irrigated Cropping Conference 2005.

No Tillage Challenges and Solutions for Soybeans in Australia. JD Sykes, P Desborough, L Gaynor, MJ Bell, AL Garside NSW Agriculture, Dubbo, Grafton and Yanco. Agency for Food and Fibre Science, QDPI, Kingaroy and Townsville). The VII World Soybean Research Conference 2004.

Soybeans in the Buff: Variety evaluation and selection for southern NSW” L.G. Gaynor 2003. 12th Australian SOYBEAN Conference 2003.

Natto Soybean Evaluation 03/04. Ken Motley and Luke Gaynor, NSW Agriculture.

Soybean Variety Evaluation at Yanco. J.A. Andrews and L.G.Gaynor. 11th Australian Soybean Conference 2000.

Rapid Tests for Edible Soybean Quality. Andrews, J.A., Batten, G., and Gaynor, L.G (2000). Proceedings, 11th Australian Soybean Conference. p110-113. Appendix 6.

Fields of research

  • 050305 Soil Physics
  • 050302 Land Capability and Soil Degradation
  • 070107 Farming Systems Research
  • 070302 Agronomy
  • 070305 Crop and Pasture Improvement (Selection and Breeding)
  • 070306 Crop and Pasture Nutrition

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Soybean
  • Chickpea
  • Faba bean
  • Fieldpeas
  • Lentils
  • Agronomy
  • Plant breeding
  • Farming systems
  • Conservation farming

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