Research interests

  • Soil
  • Natural resources
  • Climate change
  • Composting


Lyn is a Technical Assistant with 20+ years experience in areas of farm management, natural resources and scientific / research fields. This also includes composting projects undertaken for emergency animal disease management- biosecurity and environmental weeds for the application of compost to agricultural lands.

Lyn has extensive experience in farm management, working and managing rural properties –broad acre cropping, livestock enterprises, and pastoral grazing systems, while also incorporating natural resource management within these systems. Lyn’s involvement also included restoration and rehabilitation of pastoral degraded land, and actively contributing and participating in riparian / creek, gully landscapes.

In 2007 Lyn was employed as a Technical Officer on the Animal Mortality Composting project run at EMAI, to determine whether composting was a viable option for managing livestock mortalities and evaluate potential risks associated with composting. Lyn’s involvement meant she planned, organized, and implemented the co-ordination of a significant component of a project by leading a group of technical staff during an emergency mock demonstration. This project was of international and state significance.

Lyn’s interest include composting, understanding the benefits, the risks of various recycled organics applied to agricultural systems and the use of compost in emergency response management situations – biosecurity and natural resource management for different landscape systems.


  • Bachelor of Land Management

Current projects

Lyn currently is involved in the field research trial Soil Carbon Eastern Australia (SCEA) - a field study to measure changes in soil carbon resulting from management practices in grazing production systems and also measuring soil nitrogen reserves and availability.

Lyn is also currently involved in a trial to quantify the benefits and evaluate the risks associated with the application of MSW (municipal solid waste) compost to agriculture. For this trial Lyn oversees the field component and cropping management and is responsible for the management, operation and maintenance of field sites and machinery / equipment.

Recent publications

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Dorahy, C.G., Chan, K.Y., McMaster, I., Muirhead, L.M., Pirie, A.D. (2006). Evaluating
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Field of research

  • 050209 Natural resource management
  • 050304 Soil chemistry
  • 050399 Soil science not elsewhere classified
  • 050301 Carbon sequestration science

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Compost
  • Soils

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