Marja Simpson

Research interests

  • Applied agricultural entomology
  • Bioclimatic niche modelling
  • Using a range of spatial data for modelling


Current research work is focussed on carbon farming in western NSW and investigates potential opportunities for enterprise diversification, climate change mitigation as well as enhanced environmental and production outcomes for western NSW.

Other areas of interest include how climatic factors impact the establishment and persistence of species (eg. agricultural pests or plants) using bioclimatic niche modelling and how the geographical distribution, persistence and/or abundance of a species potentially changes under future climate projections.


  • 2011 PhD Charles Sturt University, Entomology
  • 2001 Agriculture Science Degree, University of Rostock, Germany


  • Emissions Reduction Fund – Carbon Farming in Western NSW – Opportunities and Impacts
  • Seasonal Forecasting

Recent publications

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Contact details

Phone: (02) 63637847
Location: Orange Agricultural Institute, Orange