NEWELL, Matthew

Matthew Newell

Research interests

  • Perennial grains
  • Plant polyculture dynamics
  • Cereal genetics
  • Grain and forage quality


Matthew Newell has worked in agricultural research with NSW Department of Primary Industries since 1994. He has worked in many research programs during this time including biological control of wheat diseases, conservation tillage and increasing the adoption of grain legumes into farming systems. From 2008 Matthew has been one of the lead investigators in Perennial Grain research. This is the only current Perennial Cereal research program in the Southern Hemisphere. In 2016 Mathew completed a sabbatical at The Land Institute, Salina Kansas, USA where he developed new skills in plant breeding and agro-ecological research. Matthew is based in Cowra NSW and is currently investigating the nutritional value of perennial cereals as part of a dual purpose graze and grain production system.


  • Bachelor Rural Science,  University New England, 1994
  • Masters by Research: Charles Sturt University: Wagga Wagga 2013

Current projects

  • Novel dual purpose perennial cereals for grazing
  • Phosphorous efficient pastures
  • Extending the boundaries of legume  adaptation through better soil management
  • Increasing livestock production by integrating tropical pastures into farming systems

Recent publications

Newell MT, Crews TE, Hayes RC (2019) Can 15N- isotopic methods be used to estimate plant associated nitrogen fixation in hybrid perennial sorghum? In: 'Cells to satelites. Proceddings of the 19th Australian Society of Agronomy Conference', 25-29 August 2019,  Wagga Wagga NSW, Australia,

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Newell, M. T. and R. C. Hayes (2017). Perennial crop research at NSW Department of Primary Industries, Cowra. Your System- taking it to the next level: Proceedings of the 30th Conference of the Grassland  Society of NSW Inc. Cowra 24-26 July 2017. K. Behrendt, Grassland Society of NSW Inc.

Newell, M. T. and R. C. Hayes (2017). "An initial investigation of forage production and feed quality of perennial wheat derivatives." Crop and Pasture Science 68(12): 1141-1148.

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Contact details

Location: Cowra Agricultural Research and Advisory Station