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Mick Rose

Research Scientist: Mick Rose

Research interests

  • Environmental fate of pesticides,
  • ecotoxicology of pesticides,
  • nutrient cycling in agroecosystems,
  • soil microbiology,
  • soil health,
  • analytical chemistry


Dr Mick Rose is interested in the interactions between plants, microorganisms and their environment and how agronomic management practices influence these interactions. Mick undertook his PhD at the University of Sydney through an Australian Cotton CRC scholarship, exploring the role of wetland plants and microorganisms in improving water quality on cotton farms. Mick has since conducted research on plant growth-promoting biofertilisers in Vietnam; abiotic stress tolerance in rice in Japan and organic amendments for soil health and plant productivity in Victoria, Australia. For the last five years, Mick has been working on a variety of projects researching pesticide fate and the potential impacts of pesticides on soil biological processes, crop health and the wider environment. He is also interested in ways to measure, monitor and improve soil health. Mick was recently awarded ‘Australia’s worst fisherman’ by his 6 year old son, but continues to practice in the hope of eventually catching a fish over 15 cm long.


PhD, University of Sydney, 2006

Current projects

Recent publications

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Professional associations and activities

  • Soil Science Australia. member
  • Association of Australian Cotton Scientists, member

Key words

Pesticide, nutrient, soil, ecotoxicology, microbiology, plant-growth promoting rhizobacteria

Contact details

Email: mick.rose@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Wollongbar, NSW