OLI, Prakash

Portrait of Prakash Oli

Research interests

  • Develop the premium quality rice suitable for Australian climate
  • Exploring the possibilities to reduce the Glycaemic Index (GI) of rice
  • Investigate the functional components in coloured rice varieties
  • Investigate the effect of climate change on rice quality
  • Develop the sustainable and efficient methodologies for the by-product utilisation of rice
  • Understand the role of non-starch polysaccharides, protein and lipids on rice
  • Understand material properties of rice during different stages of development and processing


Dr Prakash Oli joined NSW DPI in 2016 as a Technical Officer and from January 2018 he is appointed as a Rice Cereal Chemist. Prakash is leading Grain Quality Evaluation Program in the Australian Rice Partnership II Project. Prakash is interested on the research that contributes the growth of primary industries.

In particular, Prakash has the research interest in understanding the material properties of rice such as the pre-and post-milling cracking of the grain, starch crystallinity and its role on sensorial properties and digestibility, rice texture and role of different factors impacting the sensorial properties.

He is also interested in exploring the health benefits of coloured rice varieties and by product utilisation from rice industries.

Prakash prefers the collaborative research among private sectors, universities, research organisations and government entities which can ensure the solid output for the growth and development of the industry as well as the contribution to science.


  • B.Tech. (Food Technology) –Tribhuwan University, Nepal
  • M.Sc (Food Science major in Cereal Chemistry)-Katholiek University Leuven, Belgium
  • PhD (Thesis Quality improvement of parboiled rice: understanding from materials science approach ) – Charles Sturt University, Australia

Current projects

Australian Rice Partnership II

Recent publications

Professional associations and activities

Member-Australian Rice Partnership Technical Committee

Fields of research

300000 Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences

070307 Crop and Pasture Post Harvest Technologies (incl. Transportation and Storage)

070605 Post Harvest Horticultural Technologies (incl. Transportation and Storage)

090801 Food Chemistry and Molecular Gastronomy (excl. Wine)
090802 Food Engineering
090803 Food Nutritional Balance
090804 Food Packaging, Preservation and Safety
090805 Food Processing
090899 Food Sciences not elsewhere classified

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Ric material engineering
  • Low GI rice
  • Coloured Rice
  • Cereal Chemistry
  • Novel and functional foods
  • Phenolics, polyphenolics, flavonoids, tannins
  • Utilisation of industrial waste products (hulls, brans, brokens) from rice processing (milling)
  • Sensory analysis, taste, texture, aroma, appearance

Contact details

Email: prakash.oli@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Phone: (02) 6951 2656
Mobile: 0415 109 349