PURDY, Sarah


Research interests

  • Plant biochemistry
  • Agronomy
  • Crop biosecurity


My research has focussed on optimising biomass yield and the plant metabolome to provide a source of cultivated chemical products, from biofuels to pharmaceuticals.

The plant metabolome can be tailored to specific end uses by applying particular treatments at pre-determined developmental points. My glasshouse research aims to identify treatments and husbandry practices to maximise biomass and metabolite yields, and resource efficiency.

The use of standard agrochemical methods of pest and disease control can be unacceptable for some crop product lines. Methods to minimise and mitigate biosecurity risks using non-chemical methods of control are also a focus of my current research.


  • PhD – University College London, UK
  • BSc-Hons – The University of Reading, UK

Current projects

  • CRC-P – Growing precision pharmaceuticals

Recent publications

Please refer to Sarah J Purdy Google Scholar page

Contact details

Email: sarah.purdy@dpi.nsw.gov.au