Raj Ramachandran is a Data Scientist in the Chief Scientist’s branch and is based at Parramatta Square (4PSQ), Parramatta.
Raj is an experienced IT professional with vast experience in various domains: Wealth management, Banking, ERP & Health that includes Analysis, design, software development, data analytics, team management.


  • Master of Computer Applications
  • Bachelor Degree in Applied Sciences (Computer Technology)

Current projects and interests

In his current role, Raj is responsible for the data management initiatives taken up by the Chief Scientist’s Branch.

This includes:

  • Development and implementation of an online register for the R&D data assets (IAR) - Register of DPI datasets with appropriate metadata to allow data to be located for subsequent review and reuse
  • Development of R&D Data Principles, Policies & Information Governance Framework
  • Establishment of centralised data storage – Develop a business case and design solution for a centralised data storage that could be implemented in the near future.

Contact details

Email: raj.ramachandran@dpi.nsw.gov.au