DOBOS, Robin

Robin Dobos

Research interests

  • Animal behaviour
  • Mathematical modelling of livestock systems
  • Animal movement metrics
  • Growth and development in livestock
  • Digital Agriculture


Robin Dobos is currently Research Scientist with the Animal Production Unit of NSW Department of Primary Industries and is an Adjunct Snr Lecturer in the School of Science & Technology at the University of New England. He was awarded an International Specialised Skills Institute fellowship in 2010 to undertake an overseas study tour investigating precision livestock management.

Robin joined the Department in 1990 as a livestock research officer and has undertaken research in livestock nutrition and physiology, dairy heifer growth and development, grazing behaviour, mathematical modelling and decision support tool development. He is collaborating with the University of New England’s Precision Agriculture Research Group investigating animal-borne technologies and precision livestock management.


  • B.Ag.Sc. – University of Adelaide 1978
  • Grad. Dip. Appl. Stats. – University of South Australia 1987
  • M.Sc. (Vet Sci) – University of Sydney 2000
  • PhD – University of New England 2008

Current projects

  • Precision Livestock Management for extensive livestock industries
  • Updating Australian Feeding Standards
  • Improving profit from pasture through increased feed efficiency

Recent publications

J Barwick, DW Lamb, R Dobos, M Welch, M Trotter 2018. Categorising sheep activity using a tri-axial accelerometer. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 145, 289-297.

Jamie Barwick, David Lamb, Robin Dobos, Derek Schneider, Mitchell Welch and Mark Trotter 2018. Predicting Lameness in Sheep Activity Using Tri-Axial Acceleration Signals. Animals, 8(1), 12;

L Guo, M Welch, R Dobos, P Kwan, W Wang 2018. Comparison of grazing behaviour of sheep on pasture with different sward surface heights using an inertial measurement unit sensor. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 150, 394-401.

Dobos RC, Alvarenga FAP, Borges I, Palkovič, Rodina J, Oddy VH (2016) Inferring rumination behaviour from a tri-axial accelerometer. Animal Production in Australia 31, 68 (abstract) Published online at:

Alvarenga F.A.P., Borges I., Palkovič L,Rodina J., Oddy V.H., Dobos R.C. 2016. Using a three-axis accelerometer to identify and classify sheep behaviour at pasture. Applied Animal Behaviour Science 181: 91-99.

Tahmasbi R., Nolan J.V., Dobos R.C. 2016. Using 15N dilution method to correct for microbial contamination when assessing in situ protein degradability of fresh ryegrass. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science 6: 309-315

Hart R.A., Dobos R.C., Agnew L.L., Tellam R.L., McFarlane J.R. 2015. Pharmacokinetics of leptin in female mice. Physiological Research 65 (2)

Dobos R.C., Taylor D.B., Trotter M.G., McCorkell B.E., Schneider D.A., Hinch G.N. 2015. Characterising activities of free-ranging Merino ewes before, during and after lambing from GNSS data. Small Ruminant Research 131: 12-16

Professional associations and activities

  • Member Australian Society of Animal Production
  • Fellow International Specialised Skills Institute

Fields of research

  • 070107 Farming Systems Research
  • 070202 Animal Growth and Development
  • 070203 Animal Management
  • 070204 Animal Nutrition

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Animal behaviour
  • Animal nutrition
  • Animal husbandry
  • Animal growth and development

Contact details

Location: NSW DPI Livestock Industries Centre, Armidale