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SALVIN, Hannah

Hannah Slavin

Research interests

Livestock temperament and behaviour - the relationships between cattle temperament and productivity, product quality, physiology and welfare. Improving the understanding and measurement of temperament, in particular, fear.

Livestock welfare - better understanding the physical and psychological factors which impact on cattle welfare in intensive and extensive production systems. Improving the measurement and benchmarking of welfare


Hannah joined the Department as a Research officer at the Armidale Livestock Industries Centre in 2018. She has a background in welfare and behaviour across a wide range of species including, dogs, horses, cattle and pigs as well as spending several years conducting human medical research with the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Hannah conducted her PhD on the behaviour and welfare of aged dogs, and she is interested in further developing the skills she learnt in creating novel methods for measuring behaviour in animals.


  • B An Vet Bio Sci (Hons I) – University of Sydney – 2006
  • PhD “Behavioural aging in the dog “Canis lupis”” – University of Sydney 2011

Current projects

Cattle welfare benchmarking project – this project aims to develop a benchmarking system to allow the monitoring of continuous improvements in welfare in intensive and extensive beef. As part of this Hannah is working on the development of a novel fear test investigating the magnitude of the startle behaviour in response to an unexpected stimulus. While in its infancy, it is hoped that this test will one day provide an accurate assessment of the fearfulness of an animal to allow better selection for this temperament trait into the future. Hannah is collaborating with the Welfare group at CSIRO, Chiswick in this research.

Recent publications

Pedernera, M., Celi, P., GarcĂ­a, S.C., Salvin, H.E., Barchia, I. and Fulkerson, W.J. (2010) Effect of diet, energy balance and milk production on oxidative stress in early-lactating dairy cows grazing pasture. The Veterinary Journal. 186(3): 352-357.

Salvin, H.E., McGreevy, P.D., Sachdev, P.S. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2010) Under diagnosis of canine cognitive dysfunction: A cross-sectional survey of older companion dogs. The Veterinary Journal. 184: 277-281.

Salvin, H.E., McGreevy, P.D., Sachdev, P.S. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2011) The canine cognitive dysfunction rating scale (CCDR): A data-driven and ecologically relevant assessment tool The Veterinary Journal. 188: 331-336.

Salvin, H.E., McGreevy, P.D., Sachdev, P.S. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2011) The Canine Sand Maze: An appetitive spatial memory paradigm sensitive to age-related change in companion dogs. Journal of the Experimental Analysis of Behavior. 95: 109-118.

Salvin, H.E., McGreevy, P.D., Sachdev, P.S. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2011) Growing old gracefully – Behavioural changes associated with successful ageing in the dog, Canis familiaris. The Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 6(6): 313-320.

Salvin, H.E., McGreevy, P.D., Sachdev, P.S. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2012) The effect of breed on age-related changes in behaviour and disease prevalence in cognitively-normal older community dogs, Canis familiaris. The Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 7: 61-69

Salvin, H.E., McGrath, C., McGreevy, P.D. and Valenzuela, M.J. (2012) Development of a novel paradigm for the measurement of olfactory discrimination in dogs (Canis familiaris): a pilot study. The Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 7(1): 3-10.

McGreevy, P.D., Corken, R.A., Salvin, H., Black, C. (2012) Whip use by jockeys in a sample of Australian Thoroughbred races – an observational study. PLoS.  7 (3) e33398.

McGreevy, P.D., Hawson, L.A., Salvin, H., McLean, A.N. (2013) A note on the force of whip impacts delivered by jockeys using forehand and backhand strikes. Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research. 8(5): 395-399.

Hawson, L.A., Salvin, H., McLean, A.N., McGreevy, P.D. (2014) Riders application of rein tension for walk-to-halt transitions on a model horse. Journal of Veterinary Behaviour: Clinical Applications and Research. 9 (4): 164-168.

Salvin, H., Pasricha, S-R., Marks, D., Speedy, J. (2014) Prevalence of iron deficiency in blood donors: a national cross sectional study. Transfusion. 54 (10): 2434-2444.

Pasricha, S-R., Marks, D., Salvin, H., Brama, T., Keller, T.J, Pink, J., Speedy, J. (2017) Postdonation iron replacement for maintaining iron stores in female whole blood donors in routine donor practice: results of two feasibility studies in Australia. Transfusion. 57 (8): 1922-1929.

Packer, R.M.A., McGreevy, P.D., Salvin, H.E., Valenzuela, M.J., Chaplin, C.M., Volk, H.A. (2018) Cognitive dysfunction in naturally occurring canine idiopathic epilepsy. PloS one. 13 (2): e0192182

Lees, A., Lea, J., Salvin, H., Cafe, L., Colditz, I., Lee, C. (2018) Relationship between Rectal Temperature and Vaginal Temperature in Grazing Bos taurus Heifers. Animals 8(9):156. doi: 10.3390/ani8090156

Professional associations and activities

  • Member International Society Applied Ethology

Field of research

  • 070202 Animal Growth and Development
  • 070201 Animal Breeding
  • 070203 Animal Management
  • 070207 Humane Animal Treatment

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

Beef cattle, temperament, behaviour, stress physiology, livestock welfare, productivity, benchmarking, fearfulness

Contact details

Email: hannah.salvin@dpi.nsw.gov.au
Location: NSW DPI Livestock Industries Centre