FIELDER, Stewart

Stewart Fielder

Research interests

  • Aquaculture
  • Marine finfish breeding
  • Marine finfish stock enhancement
  • Aquaculture training and extension


Dr Fielder is a Senior Research Scientist at the Port Stephens Fisheries Institute (PSFI) with 30 years’ experience in aquaculture research and production. He has worked on a variety of programs ranging from culture of marine species using inland saline groundwater to development of production techniques for marine fish including Australian bass, snapper, mulloway, Bluefin tuna and yellowtail kingfish. Currently, much of his research is focussed on improving the quantity and quality of yellowtail kingfish for aquaculture and mulloway for stock enhancement in NSW. Dr Fielder has a strong interest in improving aquaculture production in SEAsia where he provides training and extension in marine finfish hatchery operation through ACIAR programs.


  • BAgrSc
  • BSc
  • PhD

Current projects

  • Yellowtail kingfish breeding and production technologies
  • Mulloway breeding and stock enhancement
  • Australian bass breeding
  • Tactical R&D for commercial animal health companies

Professional associations and activities

  • Conjoint Senior Lecturer, School of Environmental and Life Sciences, Newcastle University
  • Member of World Aquaculture Society (WAS) Asian Pacific Chapter

Contact details

Phone: (02) 4916 3902