Toni Chapman


Toni is a molecular bacteriologist at the Elizabeth Macarthur Agricultural Institute, with a focus on plant bacteriology in both a diagnostic and a research capacity as a Senior Research Scientist.

Currently Toni is working on collaborative research projects focused on the development and deployment of genome informed diagnostics for plant pathogenic bacteria (Plant Biosecurity CRC); Improved biosecurity through the engineering of microbial ecosystems: protection against antibiotic resistant pathogens (ARC Linkage), understanding the gut microflora of the Queensland fruit fly (Horticulture Innovation Australia) and understanding the fungal pathogen Verticillium dahliae, responsible for Verticillium wilt (Cotton RDC).


  • PhD, University of Wollongong
  • Honorary Research Fellow, University of Technology Sydney

Recent projects

  • Development of probiotics to reduce gastrointestinal disease in pigs (Commercial Ready Project)
  • Probiosis – a novel strategy for improved gut health in weaner pigs (Pork CRC)
  • Sampling and detection of zoonotic microbial agents in pig production systems in Australia (Australian Pork Limited)
  • New approached for diagnosing bacterial pathovars (Plant Biosecurity CRC); Update bacterial records on APPD (Plant Health Australia).

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