Research interests

  • Plant Agronomy
  • Glasshouse management
  • Crop Pests and diseases


Tyson's key research background has focused on plant agronomy, plant physiology and glasshouse management practises to maximise the yield per square metre, per day of cultivated chemical products.

Tyson provides technical management skills to operate a state-of-the-art glasshouse which includes managing an automated climate control, fertigation system and lighting software. This provides the ability to create project trials, maintaining biosecurity standards and controlling pests and diseases.

A key focus of his research has revolved around lighting and heating specifications of crops. He is discovering the impacts of different light levels and significant differences in heating temperature during propagation period on the overall yield and the end of the flowering period.


  • Bachelor of Agriculture and Resource Economics, UNE Armidale
  • Masters of Sci in Agriculture, UNE Armidale (currently studying)

Current projects

  • CRC-P – Growing precision pharmaceuticals

Contact details