Rural Resilience Program

Who are we?

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The Rural Resilience team work with primary producers across regional and remote NSW to build personal and family resilience, which is an essential tool to withstand the challenges of rural life and farm based businesses.

The Rural Resilience team treats resilience as a process rather than an outcome. Building and maintaining our personal resilience is an important process, especially for people who run businesses, are part of a family, are service providers, or local leaders in drought impacted areas.

Contact the team today to make an appointment. We listen, learn and link rural communities, families and individuals to the best services available

What is the Rural Resilience Program?

The Rural Resilience team is here to listen, learn and link rural communities, families and individuals with the most appropriate services and information.

This program treats resilience as a process rather than an outcome. While we don’t treat resilience as a personality trait, we acknowledge that resilience can be diminished by difficult times and adverse events.

What we do with you

  • We listen to farming communities
    • We listen to your farming needs and we share community concerns with policy makers and relevant researchers
  • We learn about your issues and needs
    • We support new and existing farming groups to achieve their objectives, developing workshops to build skills and introducing them to expert guest speakers.
    • We support preparedness initiatives, such as business planning and risk management workshops, to better anticipate and manage difficult and extreme events.
    • We support you and your family through adverse events, such as drought, flood, fire, pest and disease, and help you prepare for the future.
  • We link farmers into existing services and initiatives.
    • We create opportunities to connect you with services to develop both your business capacity and your personal health and wellbeing.
    • We work proactively with service providers to link you to the information, networks and support that you need, when you need it.
    • We provide information, tools and development opportunities that build your skills, knowledge and experience. In addition to community based services,we run workshops such as our SOFT, TUFF and Positive Farming Footprints.
    • If particular services do not exist then wherever possible, we work with our partners to create new initiatives and opportunities.


When you register for a SOFT workshop, you will be invited to attend a free, two-day, face-to-face workshop designed for women, by women.

You will get:

  • Time out from the day to day routine at home or on the farm;
  • Opportunities to set personal and business goals;
  • A new network of like-minded women;
  • A self-confidence boost;
  • Challenges to how you manage relationships and communication; and
  • New skills in a fun, relaxed, supportive environment.


“This has been the most empowering two days of my life’

“An absolute must for self-discovery”

“I recommend SOFT to everyone”

To register your interest or to request a course in your area, contact the team at

All too often we talk to farmers who are so busy tending to their business that they don’t make the time to look after themselves.

When you attend The TUFF workshop, you take time out from the daily grind, and given the space to take a wider angle view of your life. Check in on how you are going with your business, with your family and friends and most importantly, with yourself.

TUFF is a free course, designed by men, for men, and over two days you will get:

  • Opportunities to speak your mind without judgement
  • Assess the road you are travelling on and make any adjustments if you are getting off-track
  • Focus on important business skills such as constructive communication, sound decision making and conflict resolution
  • Learn about different personality types and learning styles and get some tips and tricks for managing these different styles in your life
  • Strategies on reducing stress and clearing your mind
  • New friendships with a supportive network or like-minded people


“It’s changed my way of thinking - it’s an opportunity of a lifetime.”

To register your interest or to request a course in your area, contact the team at

The Positive Farming Footprints workshop is an opportunity to build a more positive future.

Over one day, this free course will focus on breaking down the barriers to a fulfilling and profitable farm family business. You will identify:

  • Barriers to success
  • Impacts on family wellbeing and business performance
  • Your own strengths and weaknesses.


“I didn’t know there was so many things to think about in a farm business. I can see where in the business we need to focus on and make stronger”

PFF Participant, February 2018

To register your interest or to request a course in your area, contact the team at

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RRP staff standing out the front of their office