BEtreat re-set sessions

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Reclaiming wellbeing during crisis

Rural Women's Network's BEtreat series was developed in response to the challenges that the prolonged drought, fires, and most recently COVID-19 is having on rural communities and in particular rural women.

The project acknowledges and supports the critical role that women play in recovery and provides rural women with support, information and skills so they can continue to care for their families and community while also looking after their own wellbeing.

We partnered with The Rural Woman to deliver these free online and immersive events which have provided women across regional NSW with advice so they can continue to support their families and communities through these challenging times.

Each of the sessions have been designed in response to feedback gathered from teams on the frontline of the recovery and rebuilding process with each 90-minute session hosted and presented by subject matter experts and those with lived experience in disaster recovery.

Women are often the lifeblood of rural and regional communities and time and again are the ones who hold the people around them up during tough times. Bronnie Taylor MLC.

The re-set sessions provide women with an opportunity to breathe and reset, covering areas such as having difficult conversations and recognising the importance of looking after themselves first.

The first session took place on the International Day of Rural Women on October 15 with a further seven events delivered during October and November via Zoom.

For women not familiar with using Zoom, RWN provides free online Zoom training to help you prepare so you can participate in BEtreat and other online sessions.

To find out more about individual sessions and topics, as well as how to register visit the BEtreat event page.

If you missed our live BEtreat sessions you can access the recordings from and listen as a podcast or watch the video of the whole session.

Available session include:

1. What do I need right now

Hear from rural women who are lived-experience trauma survivors – rural women who have thrived beyond the disaster they faced. They explore what has helped them, what they did, who they reached out to and, with reflection, what they could have done differently. Panel members: Kim Deans (Inverell), Dinah Mitchell (South Coast NSW), Jen Cowley (Dubbo NSW), and Kate Schwager (Burren Junction)

2. How do I say no when everyone needs me?

A panel session focused on the art of saying NO. Learn about the value of connecting to all kinds of therapy and asking for and receiving support for yourself, as well as strategies for connecting others to available support. Panel members: Dimity Smith (DPI Rural Women’s Network), Catherine Marriott (DPI Bushfire Recovery), Dr Kylie Bennett (Moodgym – Online Mental Self-Help), and Shanna Whan (Sober in the Country).

3. Dadirri - Deep Listening

Learn the art and value of deep listening in the context of recovery and resilience building. Indigenous elder Prof. Judy Atkinson teaches us how to deeply listen and practice the art of Dadirri. We learn how this gift from our First Nations people can help us all heal. You will experience a number of facilitated experiences that will show you the power of the act of listening to self and others.

4. Recovery and Resilience Using Creativity

Engaging art therapy techniques to explore how we can support the reduction of reduced stress, anxiety and other impacts of trauma. This is a fun, engaging and very practical session with participants exploring ways to transform their stress and anxiety, how to redefine their experience, move beyond the ‘fight or flight’ response and how to avoid overwhelm and burn out. Presented by Anna Kellerman, registered clinical art therapist and founder of the Mama Creatives community.

5. Beyond Self-Care

The 9 elements of holistic wellbeing and how to integrate them into your every day life. A session to help you identify and implement self care that goes way beyond a bath and meditating! You will be invited to create a conducive environment in which you can grow and thrive, exploring how to identify and correct behaviours that are currently interrupting your wellbeing.

6. Laughter is the best medicine

Learning to laugh (and cry) again and flick the switch of joy, this session will allow you the fullest expression of your emotions and teach you how to use laughter as both a release and an intention. You will learn about and practice Laughter YOGA followed by some rural women’s comedy to get you practicing what you’ve just learned!

7. You can’t pour from an empty cup - How to better support yourself and your community

Are you the one that everyone comes to when they are struggling? Are you worried about how to have the conversation without making things worse? And how do you balance supporting another person, when you already have a lot on your plate? Letitia Cross from the Rural Adversity Mental Health Program explores practical tools and strategies to support people to help themselves when they are struggling, as well as pathways to care in regional communities. You will learn the importance of looking after yourself when supporting others so you can continue to support your family, friends, businesses and communities.

8. Creative Expression - Writing your way to healing

Imagine if the words you wrote enabled your great, great grandchildren to heal their wounds. In this session you will learn how to write so you can express your stories, release and transmute your trauma and support others to heal too.
Guest presenter Dale-Louise Antram explores words and phrases that enable us to write cathartically about our lives and suffering with the goal to grow, gain resilience, peace and to support the other people in our lives now and in future generations to find their own largeness and inner strength.