The Country Web - Issue 60, Winter 2014

Young Women of Influence

Country web issue 60 cover

Our 60th issue of The Country Web showcases young women of influence who are actively involved in their industry and community and are working towards creating vibrant and sustainable primary industries and rural communities. We hope you enjoy this issue and are inspired by these amazing rural women who are making a real difference.

Here is a quick preview of some of the articles in this inspiring edition:

  • Today's visionaries, tomorrow's leaders - 2014 NSW-ACT RIRDC Rural Women's Award recipients Pip Job from Cumnock and Edwina Beveridge from Young are part of a new breed of innovative and inspirational rural women who are changing the face of agriculture and making a difference in a diverse range of industries.
  • Social alchemist and change agent Phoebe Maroulis from Armidale believes there is a unique magic in rural communities that comes to light when the right people, add the right ingredients, in the right way, at the right time. Phoebe talks about her passion for sharing the wisdom she's gathered along her life journey and using it to inspire the individual and collective spirit in rural communities.
  • Are astronauts sexier than agriculture? 2013 Young Farming Champion Bessie Blore says agriculture is not about farmers but people. People who believe in the health, wealth and happiness of all Australians. People who believe in celebrating diversity, sustainability, creativity and progress. People who believe in supplying the world with trustworthy products that consumers can be confident in. Some of them just happen to be farmers
  • 2014 Woman of the Year finalist Jennifer Star from Goulburn is a young and enthusiastic teacher, who has always excelled academically and in sport. Despite having many options for a bright future in a comfortable, safe environment, Jennifer has chosen to dedicate her life to women and children who don't have access to the education and resources that most of us take for granted.
  • Our 'Women Leaders' column showcases Georgie Aley. A finalist in the Women in Australian Agribusiness (WIAA) 100 and aged just 29, Georgie has achieved significant success at executive management level within the agricultural sector in Australia and internationally. She is currently the Managing Director of the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council Ltd and before that worked with Grain Growers Limited as the General Manager of Grower Interest. She is currently the Chair of the Future Farmers Network (the only national agricultural youth network in Australia) and has been a Director since 2008.
  • Parenting: Choose your mindset. When you're confronted with a challenging task do you: a) give it your best shot; b) have a nap? Your answer is probably best determined by the kind of mindset you have. This article explains the different kinds of mindsets and provides some handy tips to get your 'mindset' to a place your happy with.
  • Communities in Focus: Now we're talking! Guest columnist Saul Nightingale is a trainer and project manager at the Centre for Community Welfare Training. It's fair to say most of us do not enjoy having difficult conversations so in his column Saul gives readers some great tips on how to have successful difficult conversations that are honest, respectful and productive.
  • Building resilience: How resilient are you? Are you someone who embraces change willingly or who shy's away from it completely? Building your emotional resilience can help you to accept that there will be good and bad times ahead and to understand your reactions to these experiences and have strategies to manage them. In this article you'll learn about five key strategies to build your resilience.
  • Women's Health: Am I worried or is this anxiety: Everyone worries and has anxious feelings at some point in our life, but how do we know what is worry or anxiety and when it is a problem? This article offers practical ways to help women manage and live with anxiety.

To read these and other articles in this latest issue download the 60th issue.

Free Domestic Violence - It can happen to anyone booklet. In this issue we've included a special 8-page booklet to raise awareness of domestic violence and to provide up-to-date information on tools and services available within NSW. There's great information for anyone impacted by domestic violence such as what to do if you're a victim or how to help a friend. The booklet was prepared as part of the activities of RWN's Rural Women Connect initiative. Download the free DV booklet.

This edition features a fresh new design in line with our updated RWN brand. We are interested to hear your views on the new design and future content so we are preparing a 'Reader feedback survey' which we will make available with our Number 61 issue. In the meantime you can email: if you would like to comment (please use 'Country Web feedback' for the subject line).