Young Farmer Business Program

The Young Farmer Business Program is a 4 year initiative to:

  • Provide young farmers and fishers with access to new business ideas, tools, products and services relevant to their skills, knowledge and experience
  • Promote and create opportunities for young farmers and fishers to connect with other farmers and fishers and business networks

With the investment of $6m by the NSW Government the YFBP will help young farmers and fishers enter into the business of farming or commercial fishing and aquaculture, or expand their existing business aspirations. The Program aims to improve their connections, knowledge, skills and experience to better manage risk, execute effective plans and make decisions that enhance business and personal resilience in the long-term.


The USE, LEARN, CONNECT framework

The YFBP will use the USE, LEARN, CONNECT framework to deliver a diverse range of initiatives that meet the needs of young people.

The YFBP is supported by the Young Farmer Business Program Advisory Committee which comprises of a representative from the NSW Farmers Young Farmer Council, Future Farmers Network, ASC of NSW Next Generation, NSW Farmers Association and 3 independents.

The 4-year Program is a result of the 2016-17 pilot project which was a joint initiative between DPI, NSW Young Farmers Council and NSW Farmers Association, which aimed to increase the number of young people in agriculture across NSW. The success of the pilot demonstrated the desire of young people across NSW to be involved in this initiative and their desire to improve their business skills and be successful in the business of farming.


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