2017 Survey Snapshot - Young Farmer Business Program

In July 2017 a survey was conducted of 18-35 year old farmers in NSW who currently have a farming business or aspire to start a farming business in the next 12 months.

Their responses will shape the focus of the Young Farmer Business Program in 2018.

251 young farmers responded to our survey

251 respondents

The respondents lived here:

map of NSW with percentage respondents per area

The respondents were:

  • 55% were male
  • 45% were female

55% men, 45% women

The young farmers who completed our survey were from these sectors:

  • 56% Beef
  • 46% Sheep meat
  • 40% Cropping
  • 31% Mixed farming
  • 31% Wool
  • 17% Horticulture
  • 15% Organic farming
  • 12% Contracting
  • 12% Agri services
  • 10% Beekeeping
  • 6% Agritourism
  • 5% Equine
  • 5% Dairy
  • 3% Fish/Aquaculture
  • 3% Goats
  • 3% Poultry
  • 2% Boutique farming
  • 1% Pork

Of these, 73% had multiple enterprises.

73% have multiple enterprises

The young farmers told us,

73% are experiencing barriers entering into the business of agriculture

The young farmers told us,

48% feel they don't have opportunities to connect with other farmers or networks
It is very difficult to find useful connections in the industry as a young first generation farmer
- 25-34 year old female farmer

54% of the young farmers said they feel confident making business decisions

54% feel confident making business decisions

38% of the young farmers said they feel they have a high level of business skill-knowledge

38% feel they have a high level of business skill-knowledge

I’m only confident in business decisions if it’s about farming not financial
- 18-24 year old male farmer

Top 4 things young farmers want access to:

  • financial management
  • business planning and risk management
  • enterprise analysis
  • coaching and mentoring

One Stop Shop

The young farmers said the average likelihood of using a one-stop-shop website for business information was HIGH

high average

Young farmers asked for:

  1. Links to farming business services, research, funding and investing opportunities
  2. Downloadable templates and tools
  3. E-newsletter
  4. Video case studies
  5. Podcasts and webinars

72% want a combination of both online and face-to-face learning

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The Young Farmer Business Program was jointly developed by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and NSW Farmers.