Glen Innes Agricultural Research and Advisory Station

What happens at Glen Innes

The Glen Innes Agricultural Research & Advisory Station (GIARAS) is the research and development base for the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales run by the NSW Department of Primary Industries. The Station strives to lead and develop a regional hub for science in collaboration that improves the growth of the grazing industries and the wider community on the Northern Tablelands.

Glen Innes ARAS is situated on 450 hectares of agricultural land, 10km north of the town supporting cattle, sheep, cropping and pastures research.

Grazing provides the mainstay agricultural activity on the Northern Tablelands. Because of high rainfall, long growing season and the adaptive potential of temperate perennial species, the Northern Tablelands is credited as the premier pasture environment in Australia for intensive grazing systems.

As DPI’s base for the high rainfall zone in northern NSW, the Station provides research and  development programs for eastern Australia’s sheep and cattle industry based on temperate perennial pastures.

Glen Innes Agricultural Research & Advisory Station was established in 1902 and has always been an important asset for the agricultural and wider local community. GIARAS has been the centre for a diverse range of activities over its 118 year history, but core activities have always targeted the improvement of pastures and livestock.

Current research at the GIARAS is directed at improving the pasture base for grazing animals, and at developing industry capability to deliver livestock products to commercial specifications through:

  • building the knowledge base for pasture improvement technology
  • developing technology packages for 'best management practice'
  • managing feed-gaps to redress nutritional limitations
  • matching livestock genetics to feed and management applications

The Station has strong community and industry support for its advisory activities as evidenced by highly successful workshops and field-days.

The Station has produced an extensive knowledge-base (research papers dating back 100 years), and an ongoing release of advisory material (trade magazine articles, newsletters, multi-media) relevant to temperate summer-rainfall environments.

The Station is shared with staff members of the Northern Tablelands Local Land Services (NTLLS) and WaterNSW making it an important  resource for the local agricultural community.

SMB cattle

Our research

The Station specialises in research on cattle, sheep and pastures.

Cattle yards

Our facilities and services

The Station has a range of research, education, farming and community resources.

Aerial view of GIARAS

Our climate

Located in the Northern Tablelands, the Station experiences a temperate oceanic climate.

Aerial view of GIARAS

Our history

Established as an experimental farm in 1902, the Station has a long history of agricultural research.


444 Strathbogie Road
Glen Innes NSW 2370

Postal address:

Agricultural Research and Advisory Station
Glen Innes NSW 2370

Phone: (02) 6730 1900

International: +61 2 6730 1900

Fax: (02) 6730 1999


Mobile: 0422 821 487

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