National Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture, Gosford

One of the greenhouses at Gosford Primary Industries Institute

One of the greenhouses at Gosford Primary Industries Institute

The protected cropping industries are some of the fastest-growing, most intensive and high-product value sectors in New South Wales. They are usually located in or near urban areas.

The National Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture conducts research, advisory and education programs into production systems with the aim to increase profitability and productivity and assist growers to attain world's best-practice in producing high-quality, high-value fresh produce in sustainable systems.

Initiatives include:

  • Developing sustainable practices through improvements to integrated pest and disease management (IPDM) programs
  • Improving greenhouse production practices and systems to obtain high yielding and high quality crops
  • Identifying novel and effective biocontrol agents for commercial development 
  • Developing new, and evaluating existing, reduced risk pesticides for use in conjunction with biocontrol agents while reducing the use of, and reliance on, synthetic pesticides 
  • Surveying pest and disease incidence in horticultural crops leading to the development and evaluation of new management practices
  • Providing extension services to the greenhouse and hydroponic vegetable and cut flower industries on research and development outcomes
  • Developing and evaluating environmentally-responsible systems for waste water contaminated with nutrient and pesticide chemicals, and green waste management. 
  • Providing training in quality assurance, pesticide application, integrated pest and disease management and greenhouse horticulture