Gosford Horticultural Institute overview

Gosford Primary Industries Institute (GPII) is NSW DPI's Centre of Excellence for Market Access and Greenhouse Horticulture.

The Institute develops and implements science-based technologies and production systems for horticultural crops. The Institute also supports the Australian legume industries. In 2001, the Institute also became the National Centre for Greenhouse Horticulture.

Many research and development opportunities exist to maintain horticulture as Australia’s fastest growing primary industry. These include enhancing export market access, developing new export supply chain opportunities, developing innovative products, reducing industry reliance on pesticides and improving environmental performance.

Gosford Primary Industries Institute is involved in statewide projects in all of these areas. 

Gosford Primary Industries Institute is located approximately 65km north of Sydney and includes two properties both in close proximity to Gosford city.

The 93 ha Narara property is located 5 km from Gosford at the base of the coastal escarpment which rises to a plateau of around 250 m. The Somersby section, comprising 97 ha is located on the plateau closely adjacent to the Narara Section and has soils representative of the fruit and vegetable production areas on the Central Coast.

The administration section, together with greenhouses and controlled environment facilities, are located at Narara with the bulk of the field trials carried out at Somersby.