Facilities and Resources

Land and infrastructure

A tractor working one of Trangie's fields

A tractor working one of Trangie's fields

Trangie Agricultural Research Centre comprises 3900 ha of mixed red and grey soils in the heart of the Macquarie Valley. About 2790 ha are grazed as native pasture, with 500ha managed for dry land cropping in rotation with lucerne pastures, and 320ha developed for flood irrigation. The balance of 290ha is occupied by roads, buildings etc. The property has a livestock carrying capacity of 12,000 dry sheep equivalents and is the largest research station operated by the Department of Primary Industries. The availability of high security irrigation water ensures that fodder can be grown to maintain experimental livestock in the four years out of 10 when paddock feed is expected to be insufficient.

The property is well supplied with paddocks, yards and associated infrastructure, including 72 x 4ha paddocks that are used for joining and lambing of ewes in single sire mating groups. It also has extensive infrastructure in the form of offices, workshops, and library and seminar facilities.


The Centre has a staff of 44 including 10 research and two advisory officers supported by technical, operational, clerical staff and management staff.

Research activities focus on beef and sheep genetics (the main users of the land resources of the Centre), rangeland management, precision management system for both agricultural and pastoral enterprises, and soils. Much of the research in areas other than animal genetics is conducted off site.