Trangie Agricultural Research Centre has had a long and distinguished history in agricultural research since its establishment in 1914 as the Trangie Experimental Farm.

Research at the Centre has covered a wide range of topics including horticulture and agronomy in addition to the major themes of sheep and beef genetics which have utilised most of the Centre’s extensive land resources for many years. More recently the Centre’s program has also included a focus on ecology and management of semi-arid rangelands including climate risk management, animal behaviour and welfare in the livestock industries, and development of precision management systems for both agricultural and pastoral industries.

The extensive area available at the Centre provides excellent opportunities for large scale grazing and farming operations to coexist with wildlife and biodiversity conservation, a feature recognised in the Centre’s ISO 14001 accreditation for environmental management.

The standard of animal management is recognised by both Cattlecare and Flockcare accreditation, and the monitored health status of the livestock.