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Scientific research is a key driver of innovation and improved resource management in the primary industries sector which in turn drives growth and profitability.

Our research scientists are well connected and regarded both nationally and globally, and work collaboratively in a broad range of primary industries, and public and private organisations.

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Name Category Topic Location
ALEMSEGED, Yohannes Agriculture Trangie
ALVARENGA, Flavio Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
ALVARENGA, Tharcilla Agriculture Cowra
ANDREWS, Todd Agriculture Armidale
ANWAR, Muhuddin Agriculture Wagga Wagga
ARTHUR, Paul Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
ASMUS, Martin Fisheries Naranderra
ASTLES, Karen Fisheries Wollongong
ATAOLLAHI, Forough Agriculture Wagga Wagga
ATKINSON, Trudie Agriculture Dubbo,Trangie
AUSTIN, Katie Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
AYTON, Jamie Agriculture Wagga Wagga
BADGERY, Warwick Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BAILES, Kristy Agriculture Wagga Wagga
BAILEY, Graham Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BAKER, Sarah Agriculture Tamworth
BALLARD, Guy Biosecurity and Food Safety Armidale (DO)
BEANGE, Luke Agriculture Dubbo
BECKER, Alistair Fisheries Port Stephens
BENGSEN, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety
BIRD-GARDINER, Tracie Agriculture Trangie
BOGEMA, Daniel Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
BOND, Jude Agriculture Armidale (BIC)
BOOTH, Mark Fisheries Port Stephens
BOSCHMA, Suzanne Agriculture Tamworth
BOWMAN, Alison Agriculture Orange (head office)
BOYS, Craig Fisheries Port Stephens
BRILL, Rohan Agriculture Wagga Wagga
BROADFOOT, Kim Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BROCK, Pip Agriculture Parramatta
BURNS, Helen Agriculture Wagga Wagga
BUTCHER, Paul Fisheries Coffs Harbour
BUTLER, Gavin Fisheries Grafton
CAFE, Linda Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
CARNEGIE, Angus Biosecurity and Food Safety West Pennant Hills
CASBURN, Geoff Agriculture Wagga Wagga
CASHEN, Michael Agriculture Wagga Wagga
CHAMBERS, Grant Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
CHAPMAN, Toni Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
CHARLES, Graham Biosecurity and Food Safety Narrabri
CHEN, Yizhou Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
CHICK, Rowan Fisheries Port Stephens
CLAYTON, Ed Agriculture Wagga Wagga
COLEMAN, Daniel Fisheries
COLEMAN, Melinda Fisheries Coffs Harbour
COLLINS, Alison Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
COLLINS, Damian Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) EMAI (Menangle)
COOK, Tony Agriculture Tamworth
COOMBES, Neil Fisheries Wagga Wagga
COWIE, Annette Agriculture Armidale (BIC)
COX, Justine Agriculture
COX, Tarnya Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
CUDDY, Will Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
DARBYSHIRE, Rebecca Agriculture Wagga Wagga
DEUTSCHER, Ania Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
DOBOS, Robin Agriculture Armidale (BIC)
DOMINIAK, Bernie Biosecurity and Food Safety Orange (head office)
DONOGHUE, Kath Agriculture Trangie
DOUGHERTY, Warwick Agriculture Richmond
DOVE, Michael Fisheries Port Stephens
DUNCAN, Meaghan Fisheries Naranderra
DUNN, Brian Agriculture Yanco
DUNN, Mathew Agriculture Yanco
EGERTON-WARBURTON, Kathryn Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
EMEBIRI, Livinus Agriculture Wagga Wagga
ENGLEFIELD, Adrian Agriculture Wagga Wagga
FEARNLEY, Jessica Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
FIELDER, Stewart Fisheries Port Stephens
FINLAISON, Deborah Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
FITZGERALD, Michael Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
FLEMING, Peter Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
FORSYTH, David Biosecurity and Food Safety
FOWLER, Stephanie Agriculture Cowra
FRENEY, Sean Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
GAYNOR, Luke Agriculture Wagga Wagga
GESTIER, Sarah Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
GILLIGAN, Dean Fisheries Batemans Bay
GLASBY, Tim Fisheries Port Stephens
GOLDING, John Agriculture Gosford
GOOLD, Hugh Agriculture
GOPURENKO, David Biosecurity and Food Safety Wagga Wagga
GRAHAM, Neroli Agriculture Tamworth
GREENWOOD, Paul Agriculture
GU, Xingnian Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
HAILSTONES, Deborah Chief Scientist's Branch EMAI (Menangle)
HALL, Karina Fisheries Coffs Harbour
HARASTI, David Fisheries Port Stephens
HARDEN, Steven Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) Tamworth
HARRIS, Anne Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) Gosford
HARRIS, Carol Agriculture Glen Innes
HARRIS, Felicity Agriculture Wagga Wagga
HAWKES, Royle Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
HAYES, Richard Agriculture Wagga Wagga
HERD, Robert Agriculture
HETHERINGTON, Shane Agriculture Orange (head office)
HIRST, Phillip Agriculture
HOLLOWAY, Joanne Agriculture Wagga Wagga
HOLMAN, Benjamin Agriculture Cowra
HOLZAPFEL, Bruno Agriculture Wagga Wagga
HOPKINS, David Agriculture Cowra
HOSSAIN, Mustafa Kamal Agriculture
HUGHES, Julian Fisheries Mosman
HUIQUAN, Bi Agriculture West Pennant Hills
HUME, Iain Agriculture Wagga Wagga
HUWER, Ruth Biosecurity and Food Safety Alstonville (NSW CTH)
JACKSON, Stephen Agriculture Orange (head office)
JENKINS, Abigail Agriculture
JENKINS, Cheryl Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
JIA, Yan Agriculture
JORDAN, David Biosecurity and Food Safety
KARDAILSKY, Igor Agriculture Parramatta
KATHURIA, Amrit Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) Biometrics West Pennant Hills
KEEN, Brad Agriculture
KELLY, Georgina Agriculture West Pennant Hills
KERR, Matthew Agriculture Cowra
KHAIRO, Salahadin Economics Economics Research Orange (head office)
KIMBER, Stephen Water
KIRKBY, Karen Biosecurity and Food Safety Narrabri
KIRKLAND, Peter Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
KNOTT, Nathan Fisheries Huskisson
KOETZ, Eric Agriculture Wagga Wagga
LANE, Chris Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
LAW, Bradley Agriculture West Pennant Hills
LI, Guangdi Agriculture Wagga Wagga
LINDBECK, Kurt Agriculture Wagga Wagga
LIU, De Li Agriculture Wagga Wagga
LOWRY, Michael Fisheries Port Stephens
LUCKETT, David Agriculture Wagga Wagga
LYONS, Nicolas Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
MACCALLUM, Richard Agriculture Condoblin
MAJZOOBI, Mahsa Agriculture Wagga Wagga
MALCOLM, Hamish Fisheries Coffs Harbour
MARSH, Ian Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
MARSHALL, Kate Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
McCLINTOCK, Anthea Agriculture Orange (head office)
MCCONNACHIE, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety
MCDONALD, Sarah Agriculture Trangie
McDOUGALL, Sandra Agriculture Yanco
McGOWEN, Ian Agriculture Orange (head office)
MCMASTER, Colin Agriculture Cowra
McMULLEN, Guy Agriculture Tamworth
McPHEE, Malcolm Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
MEEK, Paul Biosecurity and Food Safety Coffs Harbour
MENSAH, Robert Agriculture Northern Cropping Systems
MENZ, Ian Agriculture Wagga Wagga
MEYER, Richard Agriculture Wagga Wagga
MILGATE, Andrew Agriculture Wagga Wagga
MITCHELL, David Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
MO, Jianhua Biosecurity and Food Safety Yanco
MOLONEY, Barbara Agriculture Orange (head office)
MONKS, Dave Agriculture Dareton
MOORE, Kevin Agriculture Tamworth
MORRIS, Stephen Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) Wollongbar
MORTIMER, Sue Agriculture Trangie
MUIRHEAD, Lynette Agriculture
MURPHY, Sean Water Tamworth
MURRAY, Alex Agriculture Climate in Primary Industries OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
NACHIMUTHU, Gunasekhar Agriculture Narrabri
NAPIER, Tony Agriculture Yanco
NEWELL, Matthew Agriculture Cowra
NICHOLAS, Adrian Agriculture Gosford
NORTH, Sam Agriculture Deniliquin
NORTON, Mark Agriculture Wagga Wagga
O'CONNOR, Wayne Fisheries Port Stephens
O'KEEFFE, Patricia Agriculture Orange (head office)
O'ROURKE, Brendon Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
OLI, Prakash Agriculture Yanco
ORCHARD, Beverley Fisheries Wagga Wagga
ORGILL Susan Agriculture Wagga Wagga
OVENDEN, Ben Agriculture Yanco
PARKS, Sophie Agriculture Gosford
PEDDEMORS, Vic Fisheries Mosman
PETRONAITIS, Toni Agriculture Tamworth
PILKINGTON, Leigh Biosecurity and Food Safety Gosford
PILTZ, John Agriculture Wagga Wagga
POWELL, Janine Economics Economics Research Narrabri
PRESTON, Aaron Agriculture Weeds Research Wagga Wagga
RAMAN, Harsh Agriculture Wagga Wagga
RAMAN, Rosy Agriculture Wagga Wagga
READ, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
REFSHAUGE Gordon Agriculture Cowra
REGAN, Peter Water OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
REYNOLDS, Olivia Biosecurity and Food Safety Wagga Wagga
RICHARDS, Jessica Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
RICHARDS, Mark Agriculture Wagga Wagga
ROGIERS, Suzy Agriculture Wagga Wagga
RUST, Josh Agriculture
SALES, Narelle Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
SALVIN, Hannah Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
SAWYERS, Emma Agriculture
SCHWENKE, Graeme Agriculture Tamworth
SEAGO, Ainsley Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
Sebastien Comte Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SHARP, Trudy Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SIMMONS, Aaron Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SIMPFENDORFER, Steven Agriculture Tamworth
SIMPSON, Jacquelyn Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SIMPSON, Marja Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SINCLAIR, Katrina Agriculture Wollongbar
SINGH, Bhupinderpal Agriculture EMAI (Menangle)
SISSONS, Mike Agriculture Tamworth
SMOOTHEY, Amy Fisheries Mosman
SNELL, Peter Agriculture Yanco
SPIERS, Zoe Fisheries EMAI (Menangle)
SPOHR, Lorraine Biometrics (Chief Scientist's Branch) Gosford
SRIVASTAVA, Mukesh Biosecurity and Food Safety EMAI (Menangle)
STEPHEN, Luke Agriculture Armidale (Livestock Industries Centre)
STEVENS, Mark Agriculture Yanco
STEWART, John Fisheries Mosman
STOCKS, Jerom Fisheries Batemans Bay
STONE, Christine Biosecurity and Food Safety West Pennant Hills
TAGGART, Patrick Agriculture OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
TAN, Mui-Keng Agriculture
TAVAKKOLI, Ehsan Agriculture Wagga Wagga
TAYLOR, Matt Fisheries Port Stephens
THIEM, Jason Fisheries Naranderra
TODD, Jessica Biosecurity and Food Safety Bathurst
TOOHEY, Edwina Agriculture Dubbo
TRACEY, John Biosecurity and Food Safety Weeds Research OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
TROLDAHL, David Agriculture Yanco
TURTON, Kulan Agriculture
UPPAL, Rajneet Agriculture Wagga Wagga
VAN LEUR, Joop Agriculture Tamworth
VAN ZWIETEN, Lukas Agriculture Wollongbar
VANCOV, Tony Water Wollongbar
WALMSLEY, Brad Agriculture
WALSH, Chris Fisheries Batemans Bay
WANG, Bin Agriculture Wagga Wagga
WARD, Rachelle Agriculture Yanco
WATERS, Cathleen Agriculture Trangie
WATSON, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety Yanco
WEAVER, Tim Agriculture Narrabri
WEBB, Ashley Agriculture Tamworth
WECKERT, Melanie Agriculture Wagga Wagga
WEINERT, Matt Agriculture Wollongbar
WEST, Peter Biosecurity and Food Safety OAI (Orange Ag Institute)
WHATMUFF, Mark Agriculture
WOOD, Jenny Agriculture Tamworth
WU, Hanwen Biosecurity and Food Safety Wagga Wagga
XIMENES, Fabiano Agriculture West Pennant Hills