Aaron Simmons

Research interests

Climate mitigation and adaptation in farming systems


Aaron has covered a number of areas of agricultural systems during his research career including the effects of; elevated atmospheric CO2 on wheat physiology; land management on soil organic carbon sequestration; pasture management on production and weed dynamics; and genetic controls on plant-insect interactions. His most recent appointment as a Technical Specialist Life Cycle Assessment provides an opportunity for Aaron to use his knowledge in ecology and farming systems to produce models that most accurately reflect the system being investigated.

Aaron has supervised a number of higher degree research and honours students to completion, gives guest lectures to agricultural ecology students at Charles Sturt University and actively collaborates with Charles Sturt University academics. Aaron has also served as a board member for The University of Sydney, Rural Management Research Institute and The University of Sydney, Faculty of Rural Management, Teaching and Learning Committee.


  • Dip Hort UWS
  • Grad Dip Hort UWS
  • MHort UWS
  • PhD USyd

Current projects

Using LCA as a tool for the identification of opportunities for GHG emissions reductions from Australian cropping systems (National GRDC funded project).

Using LCA as a tool for assessment of Payment for Ecosystem Services schemes (collaboration with University of Western Sydney).

Recent publications

Badgery WB, Simmons AT, Murphy BM, Rawson A, Andersson KO, Lonergan VE, Van de Ven R. 2014. Climate, soil type and landscape have a greater influence on soil carbon levels than land management in Central NSW, Australia. Agriculture Ecosystems and Environment – in press.

Badgery WB, Simmons AT, Murphy BM, Rawson A, Andersson KO, Millar GD, Lonergan VE. 2013. Soil carbon fractions under crop-pasture systems in Central New South Wales, Australia. Soil Research – in press.

Thapa R, Kemp DR, Michalk DL, Badgery WB and Simmons AT. 2011. Seedling recruitment of native perennial grasses within existing swards. Crop and Pasture Science. 62 : 591 – 602 Perovic D, Gurr GM, Simmons AT, Nicol HI. 2011. Natural enemies of pests in crops 1. Rubidium labelling shows guild specific movement. Biocontrol science and technology 21 : 1143 – 1146.

Simpson M, Gurr GM, Simmons AT, Wratten SD, James DG, Leeson G, Nicol HI, Orre GUS. 2011. Insect attraction to synthetic herbivore-induced plant volatile-treated field crops. Agricultural and Forest Entomology. 13 : 45 – 57.

Simpson M, Gurr GM, Simmons AT, Wratten SD, James DG, Leeson G, Nicol HI, Orre GUS. 2011. Attract and reward: combining chemical ecology and habitat manipulation to enhance biological control in field crops. Journal of applied ecology, 48: 580-590.

Professional associations and activities

Member of Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society

Fields of research

  • 070103
  • 070301
  • 960302

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Climate mitigation
  • Soil carbon
  • Production efficiency
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Biophysical modelling

Contact details

Location: Orange Agricultural Institute