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Research interests

  • Integrated weed management
  • Weed biology and ecology
  • Invasive plant species
  • Weeds – climate interactions
  • Weed seedbank dynamics


Dr Bajwa joined the Weeds Research Unit (WRU) in June 2020, having spent 1 year working as a Research Officer within NSW DPI on a Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) funded Postdoctoral Fellowship. This project was aimed to better manage annual ryegrass (Lolium rigidum) in southern farming systems through integrated tactics such as diversified crop rotations plus herbicides. Prior to that he completed a Postdoctoral Fellowship from the University of Queensland (UQ) after completing a PhD in Weed Science and Invasion Biology from the same institute. Dr Bajwa collaborates with researchers within NSW DPI and from the UQ, Charles Sturt University, QLD Department of Agriculture and Fisheries, Department of Agriculture and Regional Development WA, and CSIRO. Through his significant research output, he is recognised as an emerging scientist not only in Australian Weed Science community but also overseas. Ali has a strong, extensive network of research collaborations in the United States of America, Europe, South Asia and Africa.

Ali’s research focuses weed ecology, invasion biology and ecologically based integrated weed management (IWM). The overarching goal of his program is to improve our understanding of weed biology and evolution to be able to develop sustainable management strategies. Over the years his prime focus has been on understanding the ecological mechanisms driving the weed adaptations under changing climate, land use and management practices. It has allowed him to study weeds and invasive plant species in a range of landscapes, including agronomic crops, pastures and rangelands. The focus species for most of his research has been parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus), a Weed of National Significance in Australia and a rapidly growing problem in more than 50 countries around the world. Dr Bajwa’s research on identifying the biological traits contributing towards the invasion success, strong interference ability and spread of weed species provides the basis for effective management programs. He is a big fan of multidisciplinary research and system approach aimed to address the complex problems.

Like weeds, his research interests are also evolving all the time with a current focus on understanding the weed adaptive mechanisms and weed interactions in natural as well as agroecosystems. The development of true IWM programs involving cultural and ecological practices is at the core of his applied research. The objective is to prevent the weed seedbank built-up while reducing the sole reliance on herbicides. This will of course help manage the mounting problem of herbicide resistance in agroecosystems. In his current role, Dr Bajwa is determined to provide a high level of technical advice on IWM practices and sustainable use of herbicides while building and leading a program of state-wide research for innovative weed control that has a strong emphasis on the understanding of and management of herbicide resistance. He is keen to strengthen regional, state and national partnerships within Invasive Species Biosecurity Unit, Local Land Services, Local Government, Agriculture NSW, industry, NSW Public land agencies, universities, other state and Commonwealth agencies to ensure high quality and relevant research outcomes.


  • BSc. (Hons.) Agriculture with Agronomy Major – University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan (2012)
  • M.Sc. (Hons.) Agronomy with Distinction – University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan (2014)
  • Ph.D. Weed Science – The University of Queensland, Australia (2019)

Current projects

The current projects focus IWM in mixed cropping systems, developing good management practices for sustainable use of existing and alternate herbicides to combat the herbicides resistance problem, weed seedbank dynamics under varying management regimes, and biology and ecology of problematic weeds. Many more to come in future to continue the important work on weed biology and management for safe environment and productive agriculture in NSW and Australia. Currently involved with following projects:

  • New uses of existing chemistry (GRDC)
  • Innovative crop weed control for northern region cropping systems (GRDC)
  • Managing weeds in the GRDC northern grains region – Coordination of workshop material; and establishment and monitoring of regional focus paddocks (GRDC, LLS)
  • NonTox efficacy trials (GATE incubation program)

Selected Recent publications

Peer-reviewed Journal Papers:

Bajwa AA, Weston PA, Gurusinghe S, Latif S, Adkins SW, Weston LA (2020) Toxic potential and metabolic profiling of two Australian biotypes of the invasive plant parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.). Toxins (MDPI). Accepted

Bajwa AA, Farooq M, Al-Sadi AM, Nawaz A, Jabran K, Siddique KHM (2020) Impact of climate change on biology and management of wheat pests. Crop Protection(Elsevier). Accepted

Bajwa AA, Nawaz A, Farooq M, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2020) Parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus) competition with grain sorghum under arid conditions. Experimental Agriculture (Cambridge). 56:387-396.

Bajwa AA, Ullah A, Farooq M, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2020) Competition dynamics of Parthenium hysterophorus in direct-seeded aerobic rice fields. Experimental Agriculture (Cambridge). 56:196-203.

Bajwa AA, Wang H, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2019) Effect of elevated carbon dioxide concentration on growth, productivity and glyphosate response of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.). Pest Management Science (Wiley).75:2934-2941.

Bajwa AA, Farooq M, Nawaz A, Yadav L, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2019) Impact of invasive plant species on the livelihoods of farming households: Evidence from Parthenium hysterophorus invasion in rural Punjab, Pakistan. Biological Invasions (Springer).21:3285-3304.

Bajwa AA, Ullah A, Farooq M, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2019) Effect of different densities of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) on the performance of direct-seeded rice under aerobic conditions. Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science (Taylor & Francis).65:796-808.

Bajwa AA, Ullah A, Farooq M, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2019) Chemical control of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) in two contrasting cultivars of rice under direct-seeded conditions. Crop Protection (Elsevier).117:26-36.

Bajwa AA, Zulfiqar U, Sadia S, Bhowmik P, Chauhan BS (2019) A global perspective on the biology, impact and management of Chenopodium album and Chenopodium murale: two troublesome agricultural and environmental weeds. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer). 26:5357-5371.

Bajwa AA, Nguyen T, Navie S, O’Donnell C, Adkins S (2018) Weed seed spread and its prevention: The role of roadside wash down. Journal of Environmental Management (Elsevier).208:8-14.

Bajwa AA, Chauhan BS, Adkins SW (2018) Germination ecology of two Australian biotypes of ragweed parthenium (Parthenium hysterophorus) relates to their invasiveness. Weed Science (Cambridge).66:62-70.

Bajwa AA, Chauhan BS, Adkins S (2017) Morphological, physiological and biochemical responses of two Australian biotypes of Parthenium hysterophorus to different soil moisture regimes. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer).24:16186-16194.

Bajwa AA, Walsh M, Chauhan BS (2017) Weed management using crop competition in Australia. Crop Protection (Elsevier).95:8-13.

Nguyen T, Bajwa AA, Belgeri A, Navie S, O’Donnell C, Adkins S (2017) Impact of an invasive weed, Parthenium hysterophorus, on a pasture community in south east Queensland, Australia. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer).24:27188-27200.

Nguyen TLT, Bajwa AA, Navie SC, O’Donnell C, Adkins SW (2017) The soil seedbank of pasture communities in central Queensland invaded by Parthenium hysterophorus L. Rangeland Ecology and Management (Elsevier).70:244-254.

Jabran K, Mahmood K, Melander M, Bajwa AA, Kudsk P (2017) Weed dynamics and management in wheat. Advances in Agronomy (Elsevier).145:97-166.

Bajwa AA, Chauhan BS, Farooq M, Shabbir A, Adkins SW (2016) What do we really know about alien plant invasion? a review of the invasion mechanism of one of the world’s worst weeds. Planta (Springer).244:39-57.

Bajwa AA, Sadia S, Ali HH, Jabran K, Peerzada AM, Chauhan BS (2016) Biology and management of two important Conyza weeds: a global review. Environmental Science and Pollution Research (Springer).23:24694-24710.

Peerzada AM, Bajwa AA, Ali HH, Chauhan BS (2016) Biology, impact, and management of Echinochloa colona (L.) Link. Crop Protection (Elsevier).83:56-66.

Bajwa AA, Mahajan G, Chauhan BS (2015) Nonconventional weed management strategies for modern agriculture. Weed Science (Cambridge).63:723-747.

Bajwa AA, Jabran K, Shahid M, Ali HH, Chauhan BS, Ehsanullah (2015) Eco-biology and management of Echinochloa crus-galli. Crop Protection (Elsevier).75:151-162.

Bajwa AA (2014) Sustainable weed management in conservation agriculture. Crop Protection (Elsevier).65:105-113.

Conference Papers:

Bajwa AA, Zhu X, Chauhan BS, Adkins SW, Weston L (2018) Screening of gene regions for genetic diversity in global parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) populations. In: Johnson S, Weston L, Wu H, Auld B (Eds.) Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Weeds Conference, 09-12 Sep 2018, Sydney, NSW, pp. 318-321.

Bajwa AA, Tana T, Chauhan BS, Adkins SW (2018) Effect of parthenium weed on maize yield at different competition durations in Ethiopia. In: Johnson S, Weston L, Wu H, Auld B (Eds.) Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Weeds Conference, 09-12 Sep 2018, Sydney, NSW, pp. 334-337.

Bajwa AA, Tana T, Chauhan BS, Adkins SW (2018) The effects of parthenium weed density on yield attributes and yield of maize in Ethiopia. In: Johnson S, Weston L, Wu H, Auld B (Eds.) Proceedings of the 21st Australasian Weeds Conference, 09-12 Sep 2018, Sydney, NSW, pp. 338-340.

Bajwa AA, Chauhan BS, Adkins SW (2016) Morpho-physiological responses of two Australian biotypes of parthenium weed (Parthenium hysterophorus L.) to soil moisture stress. In: Randall R, Lloyd S, Borger C (Eds.) Proceedings of the 20th Australasian Weeds Conference, 11-15 Sep 2016, Perth, WA, pp. 288-290.

Book Chapters:

Bajwa AA, Beveridge FC, Upadhyaya MK, Adkins SW (2020) Longevity of weed seeds in seedbanks. In: Upadhyaya MK, Clements D, Shrestha A (Eds.) Persistence Strategies of Weeds. Wiley-Blackwell. Submitted

Bajwa AA, Khan MJ, Bhowmik P, Walsh M, Chauhan BS (2019) Sustainable weed management. In: Farooq M, Pisante M (Eds.) Innovations in Sustainable Agriculture, Springer. pp. 249-286.

Bajwa AA, Shabbir A, Adkins SW (2018) Interference and impact of parthenium weed on agriculture. In: Adkins SW, Shabbir A, Dhileepan K (Eds.) Parthenium Weed: Biology, Ecology and Management, CABI. pp. 57-78.

Adkins SW, McClay A, Bajwa AA (2018) Biology and ecology. In: Adkins SW, Shabbir A, Dhileepan K (Eds.) Parthenium Weed: Biology, Ecology and Management, CABI.pp. 7-39.

Bajwa AA, Chauhan BS (2016) Rice production in Australia. In: Chauhan BS, Jabran K, Mahajan G (Eds.) Rice Production Worldwide, Springer. pp. 169-184.

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Professional associations and activities


  • The Weed Society of New South Wales
  • Australian Society of Agronomy
  • Asian-Pacific Weed Science Society
  • Weed Society of Queensland, Australia (2015 – 2018)
  • European Weed Research Society (2018 – 2019)
  • Weed Science Society of America (2017 – 2018)
  • International Weed Science Society (2016 – 2017)

Editorial Roles:

Guest Associate Editor – Frontiers in Agronomy - Weed Management (Frontiers Media)
Review Editor – Frontiers in Agronomy - Weed Management (Frontiers Media)
Academic Editor – PLOS ONE
Reviewing Editor – Experimental Results (Cambridge Core)

Reviewer for Peer-Reviewed Journals:

Agronomy Journal, Agronomy (MDPI), Archives of Agronomy & Soil Science, Crop Protection, Weed Biology & Management, Weed Technology, Pest Management Science, Environmental & Experimental Botany, Biocontrol Science & Technology, Scientific African, Science of The Total Environment, Environmental Science & Pollution Research, Journal of Plant Biology, Environmental Monitoring & Assessment, South African Journal of Plant & Soil, Information Processing in Agriculture, PLoS One, Acta Physiologiae Plantarum, International Journal of Agriculture & Biology

Professional Awards and Achievements:

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship – GRDC, Australia (2019)
  • David Farrell Postgraduate Award – The University of Queensland (UQ), Australia (2018)
  • Best Poster Award, First Place – Australasian Weeds Conference, Australia (2018)
  • Travel Grant – AW Howard Memorial Trust, Australia (2018)
  • Student Travel Award – Weed Society of Queensland, Australia (2018)
  • Peter Whiteman Memorial Bursary – UQ, Australia (2018)
  • Early Career Scientist Travel Award – European Weed Research Society (2018)
  • David Farrell Postgraduate Award – UQ, Australia (2017)
  • Young Researcher Travel Award – Agriculture Journal, MDPI, Switzerland (2017)
  • Graduate Student Travel Award – Weed Science Society of America, USA (2017)
  • Outstanding Reviewer Recognition – Crop Protection Journal, Elsevier (2017)
  • Graduate School International Travel Award – UQ, Australia (2017)
  • Crawford Fund Scholarship – Crawford Fund, Australia (2017)
  • Peter Whiteman Memorial Bursary – UQ, Australia (2017)
  • Student Travel Scholarship – UQ, Australia (2016)
  • Student Travel Award – Council of Australasian Weed Societies (2016)
  • Student Travel Award – Weed Society of Queensland, Australia (2016)
  • International Postgraduate Research Scholarship – UQ, Australia (2015 – 2019)

Other Professional Experience:

  • Visiting Research Scholar, Charles Sturt University, Australia (2017)
  • Visiting Research Scholar, Beltsville Agricultural Research Centre, USDA, USA (2017)
  • Visiting Research Scholar, University of Massachusetts, USA (2017)
  • Research Associate, University of Agriculture Faisalabad, Pakistan (2014 – 2015)
  • Research Associate, National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan (2012)

Fields of research

  • 070308 Crop and Pasture Protection (Pests, Diseases and Weeds)
  • 060306 Evolutionary Impacts of Climate Change
  • 050103 Invasive Species Ecology

Australian Bureau of Statistics classifications

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Weed management
  • Invasive plant species
  • Weed biology
  • Weed ecology
  • Integrated weed management
  • Weed Seedbank
  • Allelopathy
  • Climate change
  • Herbicides

Contact details

Mobile: 0428 723 592
Twitter: @a1bajwa