Andrew Bengsen

Research interests

  • Effects of management on pest impacts and populations
  • The roles of recreational hunting in pest animal management
  • The implications of spatial ecology for pest animal management


Andrew started working with pest animals in 2004, as a Land Protection Officer in north Queensland. Since 2006, he has conducted research on feral pig management in north Queensland, feral cat and pig management in South Australia and fox management in New South Wales. He has also conducted major reviews of several pest animal issues, including the impacts and management of feral pigs in Australia and the potential role of invasive herbivore control for carbon emissions abatement.


  • PhD (Wildlife Biology) – University of Queensland (2010)
  • BSc (Hons) (Zoology and Tropical Ecology) – James Cook University (2003)

Current projects

  • Scientific Evaluation of Hunting in NSW
  • Determinants of inter-population variability in movement patterns of feral cats


Bengsen, A. J. (in press) Analysis of camera trap surveys to detect effects of population management. In 'Camera Trapping in Wildlife Research and Management.' (Eds P. D. Meek, A. G. Ballard, P. B. Banks, A. W. Claridge, P. J. S. Fleming, J. G. Sanderson and D. E. Swann). (CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne.)

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Bengsen, A. J., Gentle, M. N., Mitchell, J. L., Pearson, H. E. and Saunders, G. R. (2014) Impacts and management of wild pigs in Australia. Mammal Review. 44, 135-147.

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Bengsen, A. J. and Cox, T. E. (2014) 'The role of rabbit and other invasive herbivore control in reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.' (PestSmart Toolkit publication, Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre: Canberra.)

Bengsen, A. J., Butler, J. A. and Masters, P. (2012) Applying home range and landscape use data to design effective feral cat control programs. Wildlife Research. 39, 258-265.

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Bengsen A J, Leung L K-P, Lapidge S J, Gordon I J (2011) Target-specificity of feral pig baits under different conditions in a tropical rainforest. Wildlife Research. 38, 370-379.

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Bengsen A J and Pearson R G (2006) Examination of factors potentially affecting riparian bird assemblages in a tropical Queensland savanna. Ecological Management & Restoration 7, 140-143.

Professional associations and activities

  • Australasian Wildlife Management Society (Committee Member)
  • The Australian Mammal Society
  • Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales

Fields of research (ANZSRC)

  • 050103 Invasive Species Ecology
  • 050211 Wildlife and Habitat Management
  • 060208 Terrestrial Ecology
  • 060201 Behavioural Ecology
  • 060304 Ethology and Sociobiology
  • 050202 Conservation and Biodiversity
  • 070205 Animal Protection (Pests and Pathogens)

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Animal abundance estimation
  • Pest animal control
  • Vertebrate pests
  • Wildlife management