COWIE, Annette

Annette Cowie

Technical Specialist climate policy (Principal research scientist)
Climate Research and Development

Research interests

  • Sustainable land management - indicators, assessment, certification and policy development
  • Assessing and enhancing resilience of agro-ecosystems
  • Carbon dynamics in agriculture and forestry
  • GHG accounting for inventory and emissions trading
  • Life cycle assessment, especially to assess the carbon footprint of products, and climate change mitigation value of reforestation, bioenergy and biochar systems


Annette Cowie has a background in soil science and plant nutrition, with particular interest in sustainable resource management. Annette contributes to development of climate change policy and GHG mitigation in the agriculture sector, including GHG accounting for emissions trading at state, national and international levels. Annette was a lead author in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Special Report on Climate Change and Land, and is a lead author in the IPCC’s Sixth Assessment Report. Since 2000 Annette has been a member of the International Energy Agency Bioenergy research network, and led the group “Climate Change Effects of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems” in the period 2013-2018. She is currently co-leader in the IEA Bioenergy group “Climate and Sustainability Effects of Bioenergy within the broader Bioeconomy”. Annette led the New Forests research program in NSW DPI (2001-2009), researching environmental services from planted forests, and the Applications and Outreach program in the CRC Greenhouse Accounting 2002-2004. Annette was the Director of Rural Climate Solutions, an alliance between NSW DPI and the University of New England, 2009- 2014. Annette was a member of the interim Domestic Offsets Integrity Committee, assessing methodologies for the Carbon Farming Initiative 2010-2012, during the establishment of the Carbon Farming Initiative. Annette was the Land Degradation advisor on the Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel of the Global Environment Facility (2012-2018), and a member of the Science Policy Interface of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (2014-2019)


  • Ph.D., University of New England, 1994
  • Master of Agricultural Science, University of Queensland 1988
  • Bachelor of Rural Science (Hons I), University of New England 1983

Current projects

  • Leader Emissions Reduction Pathways for NSW Primary Industries, a component of the Primary Industries Climate Change Research Strategy
  • Co-Leader IEA Bioenergy Task 45 Climate and Sustainability Effects of Bioenergy within the broader Bioeconomy, developing methods to assess and support sustainability of bioenergy systems
  • Lead author IPCC Sixth Assessment Report Working Group III Mitigation of Climate Change
  • Committee member: ISO standards for Climate Change Risk Assessment, Radiative Forcing Management, Carbon neutrality

Recent publications

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Professional associations and activities

  • Australian Soil Science Society
  • International Biochar Initiative
  • Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Climate change mitigation
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Bioenergy

Contact details

Location: Livestock Industries Centre, Armidale