HOLMAN, Benjamin

Benjamin Holman

Research interests

  • Meat quality and preservation


Ben has been a meat scientist at the Centre for Red Meat and Sheep Development since graduation where his research, within the meat research team and through collaboration, has focused on validating measures for meat eating quality; exploring production (nutrition/stress) effects on red meat; reviewing packaging innovations; testing chilled and frozen storage combinations usefulness for long-term preservation; and novel approaches to match meat to market. From these, Ben has (co)authored 24 peer-reviewed journal articles, 3 review papers, and 4 scientific book chapters, amongst others.


  • Bachelor of Agricultural Science with Honours (University of Tasmania, 2007-2010)
  • Graduate Certificate of Research (University of Tasmania, 2011-2013)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (University of Tasmania, 2011-2013)

Current projects

  • Identification of storage thresholds in frozen and chilled red meat
  • Accelerated ageing without compromising quality
  • Value-adding to dark cutting and fresh colour evaluations

Recent publications

(Full publication lists are available Google Scholar and/or ResearchGate)

Coombs CEO, Holman BWB, Friend MA, Hopkins DL (2017) Long-term red meat preservation using chilled and frozen storage combinations: A review. Meat Science 125, 84-94.

Ponnampalam EN, Holman BWB, Scollan ND (2016) Sheep: Meat. In ‘The Encyclopedia of Food and Health, vol. 4’ (Caballero B, Finglas PM, Toldra F, eds) Academic Press (Elsevier), Oxford: UK, pp. 750-757.

Holman BWB, Mao Y, Coombs CEO, van de Ven RJ, Hopkins DL (2016) Relationship between colorimetric (instrumental) evaluation and consumer-defined colour acceptability. Meat Science 121, 104-106.

Ponnampalam EN, Holman BWB, Kerry JP (2016) Impact of animal nutrition on muscle composition and meat quality. In ‘Meat Quality: Genetic and Environmental Factors’ (Przybylski W, Hopkins DL, eds.) CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group), New Jersey: USA, pp. 101-146.

Brito GF, McGrath SR, Holman BWB, Friend, MA, Fowler SM, van de Ven R, Hopkins DL (2016) Effect of forage type on lamb carcass traits, meat quality and sensory traits. Meat Science 119, 95-101.

Holman BWB, Fowler SM, Hopkins DL (2016) Are shear force methods adequately reported? Meat Science 119, 1-6.

Hoban JM, Hopkins DL, Kirby N, Collins D, Dunshea FR, Kerr MG, Bailes K, Cottrell JJ, Holman BWB, Brown W, Ponnampalam EN (2016) Application of small angle X-ray scattering synchrotron technology for measuring ovine meat quality. Meat Science 117, 122-129.

Hopkins DL, Holman BWB, van de Ven RJ (2015) Modelling lamb carcase pH and temperature decline parameters: Relationship to shear force and abattoir variation. Meat Science 100, 85-90.

Holman BWB, Alvarenga TIRC, van de Ven RJ, Hopkins DL (2015) A comparison of technical replicate (cuts) effect on lamb Warner-Bratzler shear force measurement precision. Meat Science 105, 93-95.

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Malau-Aduli AEO, Holman BWB (2014) World beef production. In ‘Beef Cattle Production and Trade’ (Cottle D, Kahn L (eds.) CSIRO Press, Collingwood: AUS, pp. 65-80.

Contact details

Email: benjamin.holman@dpi.nsw.gov.au