Bruno Holzapfel

Research interests

  • Vine nutrition: irrigation and nutrient management, root development and function, nutrient uptake and reserves, interaction with carbohydrate metabolism, root influence on vine performance
  • Carbohydrate physiology: carbohydrate reserve accumulation, reproductive development and vine productivity, vine partitioning and photosynthesis, management of yield and fruit composition
  • Vine environment and development: berry ripening and composition, climate variability and climate change, vineyard management and rootstocks, grape variety adaptability


Bruno was appointed to NSW Agriculture* in 1996 as Research viticulturist after working as a Post-Doctoral Fellow with CSIRO. He has more than 20 years experience in deciduous perennial horticulture, with the majority on grapevines.

During the last ten years he has been project leader and principal investigator in several research projects, currently he is leading three research projects in the areas vine carbohydrate partitioning, nutrition and irrigation. These projects include the supervision of PhD students and considerable interaction with the wine industry.

Bruno often presents at international conferences and has international links with a number of institutions in Europe.

*NSW Department of Primary Industries was formed on July 1, 2004 through an amalgamation of NSW Agriculture, NSW Fisheries, State Forests of NSW and the NSW Department of Mineral Resources.


  • Dipl. Ing. agr.(Master in Agriculture), University of Bonn (Germany) – November 1988
  • Dr. agr. (PhD in Agriculture) University of Bonn (Germany) - November 1993

Current projects

Management of carbohydrate reserve accumulation as a tool for regulating vine productivity and fruit quality

The work is conducted to understand the dynamics of reserve accumulation in relation to management and climatic effects on vine carbon balance. The project will lead to practical methods for manipulating reserve accumulation in the vineyard as a means of managing yield and fruit composition in the following season.

Interactions between nutrient uptake and carbohydrate metabolism in vines

The main focus of this study is to understand the nutrient and carbohydrate reserve dynamics on root growth and their impact on vine performance in Shiraz. This further comprehension of nutrient acquisition will allow optimising of fertiliser application to enhance vine performance and berry composition.

Grape and wine composition influenced by vine resources under different environmental conditions

The aim of this project is to clarify the link between vine reserves, fruit and wine composition in Semillon. The study will lead to a better understanding of carbohydrate and nitrogen reserve mobilisation on grape and wine composition under limited water supply.

Recent publications

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Contact details

Email: bruno.holzapfel@dpi.nsw.gov.au