XIMENES, Fabiano

Fabiano Ximenes

Research interests

  • Biomass / carbon in forests and wood products
  • Greenhouse accounting for forests and wood products
  • Wood science
  • Decay of wood and paper products in landfills
  • Life cycle assessment of forests and wood products
  • Emissions trading in the forestry sector


Fabiano joined State Forests of NSW* in 2000 as a research officer, in a project co-funded by the CRC for Greenhouse Accounting. The project investigated several aspects of the life cycle of carbon in wood products. Fabiano's background is in forestry and wood science. His projects over the years have focussed on the development and implementation of novel methods to more accurately estimate carbon in forest systems and in wood products. A key area of interest is the dynamics of decomposition of wood and paper products in landfills. This work and other projects have informed the development of national and international greenhouse inventories, and have been actively considered in the formulation of greenhouse policy.


  • Bachelor of Forestry, 1997 University of Brasilia, Brazil
  • Masters in Wood Science - 2000 Australian National University
  • Current: PhD study (Carbon dynamics in wood and paper products in landfills); University of New England

Current and recently completed projects

Fabiano's current projects include:

  • Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) - Good Practice Guidance on Harvested Wood Products. (August 2012 – February 2014).
    Lead Author of the Harvested Wood Products chapter of the IPCC Good Practice Guidance, to be released in February 2014 and used for the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol.
  • Carbon stocks and flows in native forests and harvested wood products in SE Australia. (May 2012 – December 2014)
    Project Leader, National project funded by the FWPA and several partners
  • Impact of fire and coarse woody debris estimations for native production forests in New South Wales and Victoria (August 2012 – May 2014).
    Project Leader, Project funded by the Federal Dept. of Environment
  • Accounting for biodiversity in Life Cycle Impact Assessment of forestry and agricultural systems (November 2102 – April 2014)
    Project Leader, project funded by the FWPA.
  • Carbon storage and emissions from forest products in Australian landfills.
    (May 2012-May 2016); PhD Project.
  • Review of managed native forest parameters for use in FullCA (April 2014 – June 2014).
    Project Leader, Project funded by the Federal Dept. of Environment

Fabiano has also been actively involved in the development of methodologies and mechanisms required for the potential inclusion of wood products in the proposed national emissions trading schemes. Fabiano was one of the Lead Authors of the Harvested Wood Products section of the latest IPCC Good Practice Guidance, published in 2014. The Guidance is used to estimate anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions by sources and removals by sinks resulting from land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) activities under Article 3, paragraphs 3 and 4, of the Kyoto Protocol for the second commitment period.

Recent publications

2014: Ruter, S, Alfredsen, G, Ximenes, F, Ghendehou, S, Pingoud, K. and Tsunetsugu, Y. Section 2.8. Harvested Wood Products. IPCC 2014, 2013 Revised Supplementary Methods and Good Practice Guidance Arising from the Kyoto Protocol, Hiraishi, T., Krug, T., Tanabe, K., Srivastava, N., Baasansuren, J., Fukuda, M. and Troxler, T.G. (eds). Published: IPCC, Switzerland

2014: Luke Collins *, Trent Penman, Fabiano de Aquino Ximenes, Doug Binns, Alan York, Ross Bradstock (2014) Impacts of frequent burning on live tree carbon biomass and demography in post-harvest regrowth forest. Forests 2014, 5(4), 802-821.2012

Ximenes, F., Grant, T. Quantifying the greenhouse benefits of the use of wood products in two popular house designs in Sydney, Australia. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment. DOI 10.1007/s11367-012-0533-5.

2012: Ximenes, F., George, B, Cowie, A., Wiliams, J., Kelly, G. Greenhouse gas balance of native forests in New South Wales, Australia. Forests, 3, 653-683

2010: Penman, T, Law, B. and Ximenes, F. A proposal for accounting for biodiversity in life cycle assessment. Biodiversity and Conservation, Volume 19, Number 11, 3245-3254.

2008: Ximenes, F.A., Kapambwe, M. and Keenan, R. "Timber use in residential construction and demolition". BEDP Environment Design Guide, November, PRO36, 9 p.

2008: Ximenes, F.A., Gardner, W.D and Kathuria, A. "Proportion of above-ground biomass in commercial logs and residues following the harvest of five commercial forest species in Australia." Forest Ecology and Management, Vol. 256, 335-346.

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2006: Ximenes, F.A and Evans, P.D. "Protection of wood using oxy-aluminium compounds". Forest Products Journal, Vol.56 (11/12), p.116-122.

2006: Ximenes, F.A.; Gardner, W.D. and Richards, G. "Total above-ground biomass and biomass in commercial logs following the harvest of spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) forests of SE NSW". Australian Forestry, Vol. 69 (3), p.213-222.

Scientific reports

2012: Ximenes, F.; George, B., Cowie; Kelly, G.; Williams, J., Levitt, G., Boer, K. Harvested forests provide the greatest ongoing greenhouse gas benefits. Does current Australian policy support optimal greenhouse gas mitigation outcomes? NSW DPI Discussion Paper, March 2012.

2012: Ximenes, F., Ramos, J., Bi, H., Cameron, N., Singh, B., Blasi, M. Determining Biomass in Residues Following Harvesting in Radiata Pine Forests in NSW. RIRDC Publication No. 11/177

2010: Ximenes, F. and Brooks, P. The greenhouse footprint of wood products in NSW. 16 p. Final report to a Climate Action Grant project, funded by the NSW Government.

2010: Grant, T. and Ximenes, F.: Quantifying the carbon benefits of use of wood products in home construction using a Life Cycle Assessment approach. 53 p., Report submitted to the NSW DECCW.

2009: Kapambwe, M., Ximenes, F.A., Keenan, R. and Vinden, P. "Dynamics of Carbon Stocks in Timber in Australian Residential Housing". Prepared for Forest & Wood Products Australia. Project No: PN07.1058, May 2009. http://www.fwpa.com.au/Resources/RD/Reports/PN07.1058dynamics_carbon_stocks.pdf?pn=PNA016-07082007:

2006: Ximenes, F.A. "Carbon storage in wood products in Australia: a review of the current state of knowledge". Report prepared for the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Corporation. http://www.fwprdc.org.au/menu.asp?id=36&lstReports=18.

2006: Ximenes, F.A. and Gardner, W.D. "The decay of coarse woody roots following harvest in a range of forest types". Australian Greenhouse Office. National Carbon Accounting System Technical Report No.49.

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2005: Ximenes, F.A.; Gardner, W.D. and Marchant, J. "Total biomass measurement and recovery of biomass in log products in Spotted gum (Corymbia maculata) forests of SE NSW". Australian Greenhouse Office. National Carbon Accounting System Technical Report No. 47.

2005: Ximenes, F.A. and Gardner, W.D. "Recovery of biomass as green sawn boards after milling of spotted gum sawlogs from NSW South Coast forests". Australian Greenhouse Office. National Carbon Accounting System Technical Report No. 48.

Professional associations and activities

  • Member of Australian Life Cycle Assessment Society

Fields of research

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Wood science
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Greenhouse gas accounting
  • Landfills
  • Emissions trading