LUO, Jixun

Luo Jixun

Research interests

  • Develop low glycemic index (GI) rice
  • Improve rice quality of cooking and texture
  • Develop new markers and methods to assist selection in Quality Evaluation Program (QEP)
  • Understand the functional domains in starch biosynthetic enzymes by protein 3D modelling


Jixun’s PhD research, based at CSIRO Canberra, focused on starch biosynthetic enzymes functions, interactions, and their impact on starch structure and properties in cereal grains (barley, wheat and rice).

Jixun started his professional career as a Technical Officer at Tamworth Agricultural Institute of DPI NSW in 2015.

He was involved in the research on dough quality, in vitro digestion and textures of pasta made from durum wheat with novel glutenin sub-units.

Since 2016, Jixun is appointed as a rice chemist and primarily involved in the Australian Rice Partnership working on rice Quality Evaluation Program.


  • B.eng Bioengineering, Nanjing Tech University, 2006
  • Pharmacology, Jilin University, 2008
  • PhD Plant Science, Australian National University, 2014

Current projects

  • Rice grain quality evaluation program
  • High throughput and consistent in-vitro GI assessment

Recent publications

Jixun Luo, Regina Ahmed, Behjat Kosar-Hashemi, Oscar Larroque, Vito Butardo, Greg J. Tanner, Michelle L. Colgrave, Narayana M. Upadhyaya, Ian J. Tetlow, Michael J. Emes, Anthony Millar, Stephen Jobling, Matthew K Morell, Zhongyi Li. The different effects of starch synthase IIa mutations or variation on endosperm amylose content of barley, wheat and rice are determined by the distribution of starch synthase I and starch branching enzyme IIb between the starch granule and amyloplast stroma. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 128(7): 1407-1419.

Jixun Luo, Stephen A Jobling, Anthony Millar, Matthew K Morell, Zhongyi Li. Allelic effects on starch structure and properties of six starch biosynthetic genes in a rice recombinant inbred line population. Rice 2015, 8:15.

Jixun Luo, Vito Butardo, Michelle L. Oscar Larroque, Colgrave, Anthony Millar, Stephen Jobling, Matthew K Morell, Zhongyi Li. Differed impacts of indica and japonica type Starch Synthase IIa on Starch Branching Enzyme IIb down-regulated rice grain starch in the crossbreed population. (in press)

Stephen J McMaugh, Jenny L. Thistleton, Emma Anschaw, Jixun Luo, Christine Konik-Rose, Hong Wang, Min Huang, Oscar Larroque, Ahmed Regina, Steve Jobling, Matthew K. Morell, Zhongyi Li. Suppression of starch synthase I expression affects the granule morphology and granule size and fine structure of starch in wheat endosperm. Journal of Experimental Botany. 2014 65(8), 2189-2201.

Junjie Xu, Jian Song, Fei Yan, Huiying Chu, Jixun Luo, Yongshan Zhao, Xu Cheng, Guimin Luo, Qingchuan Zheng, Jingyan Wei. Improving the GPX activity of selenium-containing human single-chain Fv antibody by site-directed mutation based on the structural analysis. J Mol Recognit. 2009 22(4), 293-300.

Professional associations and activities

  • Australian Rice Partnership technical committee

Fields of research

  • 300000 Agricultural, Veterinary and Environmental Sciences

Keyword/phrase list of research interests

  • Low GI rice
  • Grain quality improvement
  • QEP marker assisted selection
  • Starch biosynthetic enzyme structure 3D modelling

Contact details

Phone: (02) 6951 2656