Mukesh Srivastava

Research interests

  • Ultra-structural studies of plant and animal tissues
  • Morphological characterisation of plant and animal viruses


Mukesh Srivastava is currently running the Department’s only electron microscope facility at EMAI, primarily responsible for the diagnosis of plant and animal viruses and other ultra-structural studies.

He joined NSW Agriculture* in 1997 as an Electron Microscopist. He has more than 20 years of experience in transmission electron microscopy and diagnosis of plant and animal viruses. He also has worked on disease diagnosis of wheat especially wheat rusts in India in early 80s.

*NSW Department of Primary Industries was formed on July 1, 2004 through an amalgamation of NSW Agriculture, NSW Fisheries, State Forests of NSW and the NSW Department of Mineral Resources.


  • B.Sc. University of Jodhpur (India) 1975
  • M.Sc. (Botany) University of Jodhpur 1977

Current projects

  • Identification of new emerging plant virus from Asian vegetables
  • Immuno-gold labelling on ultra-thin sections
  • Diagnosis of plant material from Department of Agriculture and Water Resources

Recent publications

Dawood Kaiser E, Morgan Jess A.T., Busfield Frances, Srivastava Mukesh, Fletcher Taryn I, Sambono Jacqueline, Jackson Louise A, Venus Bronwyn, Philbey Adrian W, Lew-Tabor Ala E. Observation of a novel Babesia Spp. in Eastern Grey Kangaroos (Macropus giganteus) in Australia. International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife 2(2013) 54-61.

Gabor LJ, Srivastava M, Titmarsh J, Dennis M, Gabor M, Landos M. Cryptosporidiosis in intensively reared barramundi (Lates calcarifer). Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 2011;23:383-386.

Gabor M, Gabor LJ, Srivastava M, Booth M, Reece R. Chronic myositis in an Australian alpaca (Llama pacos) associated with Sarcocystis spp. Journal of Veterinary Diagnostic Investigation 2010;22:966-969.

Tracey A Burnett, Katrin Dinkla, Manfred Rohde, Gursharan S Chhatwal, Cord Uphoff, Mukesh Srivastava, Stuart J Cordwell, Steven Geary, Xiaofen Liao, F Chris Minion, Mark J Walker, Steven P Djordjevic (2006) P159 is a proteolytically processed, surface adhesin of Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae: defined domains of P159 bind heparin and promote adherence to eukaryote cells. Mol Microbiol. (May) 60 (3):669-86

Professional association and activities

  • Member of Australian microscopy and microanalysis society (AMMS) since 1999

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